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How to Manage Mental & Joints Health with Herbs and Spiritual Healing (updated 2024)

How to Manage Mental & Joints Health with Herbs and Spiritual Healing

 Article updated 01-11-2024

I have treated my own mild mental & joint health with herbs and spirituality. Even today with the raging COVID-19 crisis ongoing. I keep calm and stress-free. In many ways, this is a minor miracle. I used to stress over almost everything and today I am very calm and carefree. I have not told you what I do professionally. 

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I work in a call center, where customers stress out and have nervous breakdowns (If things don't go 120% their way)! Let me tell you this is very challenging dealing with your own mental health issues in this situation. You don't only have to treat and manage your own mental health; you have to treat and manage the customer's mental health as well. Talking about a double whammy!

The call center environment is not a happy place for me and many others. Who wants to deal with upset people all day long? The customer is a customer who sometimes will make unreasonable requests. As if we have the power to override the system or policy!

Steps I took to manage mental health 

This leads to high stress, depression, and anxiety. So, what did I do to treat my mental health? I started to go to acupuncture weekly, it really helped me with my anger issues. The weeks that I have tried to skip a week I was simply hurting for that second week. I was so out of sorts. Acupuncture has a very calming effect and places many people into a deep meditative state or causes others to fall asleep. If you like this article share it on Twitter or another social media.


The issue with this is you have to keep going back for more treatments. It can get pricey very fast. But I started adding an inexpensive herb called St John's Wort. What is The Best Natural Alternative Painkiller for Knee Pain?

knee pain

It seems to expand the time needed between acupuncture treatments. For some reason, I had a relapse when I started to experiment with SAMe. For me personally SAMe did not work for mental health. I came across another herb to manage my mental health called Ashwagandha or called “Indian Ginseng”. It is to help with stress-related issues. I started to take Ashwagandha and got back on the St John's wort. At the time I was still attending acupuncture, massage therapy, sound healing, reflexology, energy healing (Reiki), and access bars.

Manage Mental health

Self-healing techniques 

At the time my massage therapist also did sound healing, and energy healing: (I also gave myself Reiki healing and saw a friend who gave me Reiki and another style of energy healing). My massage therapist challenged me to do 5 minutes of something every day. 

I started to do daily meditations at least when I was working to calm the stress and anxiety. I also started to do nightly Reiki self-healing and affirmation sessions. During this time, I was also doing access bars

If you don't know access bars? It helps you remove limiting beliefs. By removing limiting beliefs, you can open yourself up to spirituality and connect to the higher power to be able to manifest what you want and control your own reality.

How I discovered that I was able to channel (medium)

I started to feel a slight touch on my face, felt, and other parts of my body. I even felt a ringing in my ears or a vibration or energy around me. Since I was already trained as a psychic I just asked, “if someone was there”? And asked, “Who was there”? Well, I received replies from grandparents, great-grandparents, spiritual guides, angels, arch angels, ascendant masters, Gaia (mother earth), and eventually God.

I feel that connection to be spiritual world does help me obtain calmness and inner peace. I also use a very different technique to connect to the spiritual world. I have integrated with my Kabbalah circle: (prayers, law of attraction, affirmations). I have developed a new of Reiki which I call “Reiki Kabbalah

I have further integrated several other healing techniques, including Reiki, Power Reiki technique, Quantum Touch technique, Advanced or Power Quantum-Touch technique, white light, color therapy, and vertexing. Sound therapy (by saying 3 mantras' together that create a vibration effect). I have done this 3 times a week since the stay-at-home order came into effect for the coronavirus. My mental health has never been better and also showing improvement in my physical health as well. If you like this article share it on Facebook or your favorite social media.  Walking in the path of Enlightenment & Spiritual Development.



What I am doing to manage my knee pain without drugs

I have a genetic issue with knee joints (osteoarthritis). I have to treat this with daily white light meditations, and the use of healing crystals, Reiki, and Power Reiki technique sessions. Now, on the herb side, I take twice a day 450 mg of Turmeric (one in the morning and the other in the afternoon). 

I also take GlucosamineChondroitin & MSN 1 pill per day: (this comes in many formulations without MSN, and some include some other combinations. Experiment with different products to find the one that works best for you). The one product that I find that makes all this more effective is adding “Nature's Sunshine's Collagen”

I used to use a full scoop and place it in my coffee. Since I had the opportunity to work from home I started to experiment. I found ¼ of a scoop 3 times a day is more effective than 1 full scoop once a day. I also use a removable shower head (Water-Pic). Turn the hot water up a bit and be careful not to burn yourself. I use this on my knees and legs. It relaxes the muscles and then I put CBD or hemp oil or lotion on the knees and legs this also helps to control discomfort and pain. I use this twice a day. I also found that taking 1 pill of hemp oil at 5000 mg once a day is even more effective them CBD or hemp oil or lotion. If you enjoy this information share it on Twitter or pick another social media that you enjoyed.

After reading this book on Reiki what did it teach me? 

I should add that a few months ago my friend told me I should read this Reiki book. I was thinking “I am already a Reiki Master: “What can this book teach me”? But after keeping it in my car for a few weeks I decided to start reading the book. 

This book's most powerful teaching for me was a bible quote that Yeshua (Jesus) told the physician that “You need to heal yourself”. I started to provide myself with self-healing Reiki and to my amazement “my healing” was treating me better than other healing modalities. I have questioned this in my Kabbalah circle to God. I was told by God that the “key to my healing is that you have to heal yourself”. 

There was nothing wrong with you having to be healed by others. Just yesterday I read a newsletter from Richard Gordon from Quantum Touch stating the same thing “We must heal ourselves”. The universe is really driving that message home to me.

This reminds me that a message Yeshua stated on video series by Pamela Aaralyn (psychic, medium, + channeler) on the messages from “Channeling The Ascended Master Yeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus)”

That we as humans have the ability to heal ourselves. It still amazes that I hear or read information. They get confirmation directly from spirit: (that I am on the the right track). 

So, I have to think is this also the “key to my healing” and is this also the key to others healing as well? So, in the short term I will heal my students: but in the long term my students can take healing Reiki Kabbalah classes from me to learn to heal themselves. (I have taught one of students, over the phone in an hour Reiki Kabbalah for $47.00). 

I have been using herbs for over a year and the same with alternative healing. I had not seen any great progress until I stated to healing myself. The herbs helped and so does alternative healing. But the major improvement came when I started to “heal myself”. In the comments let us know if you are willing to try herbs or try to heal yourself with energy healing? 

Update 10/14/2020: I have introduced a combination of flax-seed oil 1200 mg each at 3 per day. And Chinese medicine of scraping (Gua Sha). I paid $30 to a professional Gua Sha healer. It clearly was not worth $30! I just take a sliver teaspoon from the kitchen. Next started to scrape my knee up and down and left and right twice a day. This combination has further improved my joint of my knee and decreased my pain and discomfort. As well having more flexibility and mobility.  

Update 10/13/2021: Research provide me by a local natural path & herbologist that originated from Nature's Sunshine staring that SAM-e not only act like an anti-inflammatory for joint pain & osteoarthritis (OA). But in fact, shows that it can stop and, in some case, regain (grow back) the cartilage. OA is when your cartilage depletes, and it is bone on bone rubs against each other. That is where the pain comes from. I have been to a specialist that never told me about Sam-e. It does rub the wrong way with the traditional western medical community if it does not come from big pharmacology company it is rubbish.  Tell us in the comments what you think about herbal supplements vs pharmaceuticals? In the comments tell us if you would use herbal remedies to treat illness?


In conclusion, the author has shared their personal journey of managing their mental and joint health through the use of herbs and spirituality. Despite the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, they have been able to maintain a sense of calm and remain stress-free. This transformation from a state of constant stress to a more peaceful and carefree existence is nothing short of a minor miracle.

Working in a call center environment, where they often deal with upset and demanding customers, presents a double challenge for the author. Not only do they have to manage their own mental health, but they also have the responsibility of attending to the mental well-being of the customers they interact with. This constant exposure to stress, depression, and anxiety can take a toll on their overall well-being.

To cope with these challenges, the author has taken proactive steps to treat their mental health. They have found acupuncture to be highly beneficial in managing their anger issues and inducing a state of deep relaxation. Additionally, they have incorporated the use of herbs such as St. John's Wort and Ashwagandha, which have helped extend the time between acupuncture sessions and alleviate stress-related issues.

Furthermore, the author has embraced various self-healing techniques such as meditation, Reiki, and access bars. These practices have provided them with a means to calm their stress and anxiety, promoting a greater sense of inner peace. The integration of spirituality into their healing journey has been particularly transformative, allowing them to connect with the spiritual realm and experience a profound sense of calmness and serenity.

In addition to managing their mental health, the author has also addressed their joint health concerns, specifically related to knee pain caused by osteoarthritis. Through a combination of holistic approaches including white light meditations, healing crystals, Reiki, and dietary supplements such as turmeric and collagen, they have experienced improvements in pain management, flexibility, and mobility.

Throughout their healing journey, the author has discovered the power of self-healing. By embracing practices like Reiki, meditation, and spirituality, they have realized that they possess the ability to heal themselves. This realization has inspired them to share their knowledge and teach others the art of self-healing through Reiki Kabbalah, empowering individuals to take charge of their own well-being.

In conclusion, the author's story serves as a testament to the transformative power of herbs, spirituality, and self-healing techniques in managing mental and joint health. Their journey from stress and anxiety to a state of calmness and inner peace highlights the potential for personal growth and well-being through alternative approaches. It encourages readers to explore these avenues in their own pursuit of wellness and invites them to share their thoughts and experiences on herbal remedies and self-healing in the comments section.

FAQ: How to Manage Mental & Joint Health with Herbs and Spiritual Healing

1. What led you to explore the use of herbs and spirituality for managing mental and joint health?

I personally struggled with stress, anxiety, and knee pain due to osteoarthritis, particularly in a demanding call center environment. Seeking relief beyond conventional methods, I embarked on a journey to discover alternative approaches that could provide holistic healing.

2. How did you address your mental health concerns using herbs and spiritual practices?

I incorporated various techniques such as acupuncture, herbs like St. John's Wort and Ashwagandha, and self-healing practices like Reiki and meditation. These methods helped me manage stress, anxiety, and depression, promoting a sense of calmness and inner peace amidst challenging circumstances.

3. What steps did you take to alleviate joint pain and discomfort without relying on pharmaceuticals? Combining holistic approaches like white light meditations, healing crystals, Reiki, and dietary supplements such as turmeric, collagen, and CBD/hemp oil proved effective in managing knee pain caused by osteoarthritis. Additionally, self-care practices like Gua Sha massage and hot water therapy contributed to improved flexibility and mobility.

4. How did spirituality play a role in your healing journey?

Spirituality provided a profound connection to the spiritual realm, enabling me to channel healing energy and receive guidance from higher sources. Integrating spiritual practices like Reiki Kabbalah, meditation, and access bars allowed me to tap into inner peace and harness the power of self-healing.

5. What insights did you gain from your experience with self-healing?

Through self-healing practices, I discovered the inherent ability within each of us to facilitate our own healing journey. Embracing Reiki, meditation, and spiritual teachings empowered me to take charge of my well-being and inspired me to share this knowledge with others through teaching and healing sessions.

6. How can individuals benefit from exploring alternative approaches to health and wellness?

Exploring alternative approaches like herbs, spirituality, and self-healing techniques offers a holistic path to mental and physical well-being. By addressing the root causes of ailments and promoting balance in mind, body, and spirit, individuals can experience transformative shifts toward a healthier and more fulfilling life.


My personal journey of managing mental and joint health through herbs and spiritual healing reflects the transformative potential of alternative approaches to wellness. By embracing holistic practices and tapping into the power of self-healing, I've experienced profound improvements in my overall well-being. I invite others to explore these avenues and embark on their own healing journeys, empowered to reclaim their health and vitality. Book a healing session today to begin your path to holistic wellness.

Book a healing today to start you on your road to recovery. Click here for our rates and more information on our healing and healing classes. 


Please feel free to contact me with any questions, Thank you
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