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Reiki Practitioner Ohio: What happens in Reiki Session?

  What happens when you go for a reiki treatment?  Reiki treatments are often given by practitioners in a calm, quiet environment. However, the procedure can be performed elsewhere. The client will be fully dressed and either recline on a table or sit comfortably during the session. The practitioner will then softly lay their hands on or over particular limbs, torso, and head regions of the client. Usually, they will hold these poses for 3 to 10 minutes. The will reiki master will their hands just above the wound or specific area if there is a specific ailment, like a burn. Advocates claim that an energy transfer occurs as the practitioner softly places their hands on or over the body. The practitioner may mention that their hands are warm or tingly at this point. Until they feel the energy has ceased flowing, they will maintain each hand posture. The practitioner will take off their hands and place them over a different part of the body when they no longer sense any heat or ener

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