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Long Distance Reiki: What is it & What Should I be Expecting? (2021)

  Save time with  Long Distance Reiki healing Let's face it takes time out of your busy day to make an appointment and to travel to a healing center and lay down for one-hour healing. Yes, it feels great and super relaxing. You are busy and just don't have the time. Reiki Master Derek P. Bliedung of the Reiki Kabbalah Center came up with an idea that might just work for you. A remote Reiki or Reiki Kabbalah energy healing? I am sure you're thinking “how does this work”? What is remote Reiki energy healing and how does Reiki work long distance?  How does remote healing  work?  Instead of you coming to see me, we are able to send you healing anywhere in the world! It is believed that we are all connected to each other by spiritual-psychic connection. There is many names for this spiritual Internet. Within the Reiki community it is often called the "Universal life force energy" or Parma, Chi, Ki, or "The Light" in  the Western belief  system

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