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Energy Awakening: Reiki Workshop and Retreat

  Energy Awakening: Reiki Workshop and Retreat For you to learn more about Reiki with Workshops and further development work - Reiki Retreats - I provide extra reiki sessions, Reiki days, and multi-day events. This will help you get the most out of Reiki. Reiki retreats, classes, and seminars range from specialized Reiki Master training to Reiki sessions as part of a holistic retreat. You may find retreats that include Reiki, QiGong, meditation, and courses on spiritual awareness and downtime for introspection and personal development. WHO IS REIKI FOR? Reiki is a term for energy medicine originating from Japan and means "spiritually guided life force energy" or "universal life force energy." Dr. Mikao Usui , a Buddhist monk, created it in the late 1800s. He fasted for 21 days and received the gift of Reiki via his intense spiritual practices and quest for enlightenment. According to him, the symbols and Reiki energy he was energetically attuned to be the

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