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Getting the Most Out of Life in the Pandemic

The pandemic has brought change to all of our lives — some wanted, some not. The best coping technique is to change what we can and accept and deal with what we have no control over. Whether you’re struggling with too much or not enough work, an overabundance of family time, or a craving for more interaction, remind yourself that, whether you asked for it or not, the age of COVID-19 has become a time for transformation. It’s time to consider what are short-term challenges versus long-term realities and create a path forward. The Reiki Kabbalah Center presents a guide that can help you make the most out of life during the pandemic.   Home and Work Life   Chances are, your home life today doesn’t look the same as it did a year ago. You may be balancing remote work with childcare or distance learning and trying to manage your time in the most efficient ways possible. If this is still an area of struggle, step back and look for ways to set better boundaries between work and h
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Reiki Kabbalah Center Provides Outreach to Help Community Suffering from Mental Health

For Immediate Release Media Contact Reiki Kabbalah Center Owners: Derek P. Bliedung (Springfield) Michael L.Wilson (Columbus) Address: 2826 Azelda St Suite LVR Columbus, Ohio 43211-1188 Phone: (614) 282-3162 (Springfield) (614) 268-2235 (Columbus) Email: Website URL: Reiki Kabbalah Center Provides Outreach to Help Community Suffering with Mental Health Reiki Kabbalah Center Provides O utreach to Help Community with Mental Health Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates the body's subtle energy systems to remove blocks. By breaking through these energetic blocks the body's inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated. That definition is a lot to process: so here are five facts that can clear up any confusion or misconceptions you may still have about energy healing. Reiki is the Japanese tradition of energy healing, and it dates back to the early 20th century.  The seven chakras, (the energ

The Concept of Eating Clean & Using Non-Toxic Plant-Based Products will change your life

  Are toxins in your environment & food killing you slowly?  Healthy and nutritious feeding are all about organic products. Organic foods have significantly fewer synthetic chemicals plus more nutrients! Healthy plants and animals will help you be healthy too. Avoid refined sugars, processed foods (especially canned foods), and hydrogenated or trans fats (including vegetable oils – even if it says trans-fat-free) because these foods, despite being organic, may still contain toxins. Use organic, non-toxic products in your home and on your body. There are natural, synthetic-chemical-free products to clean your home, do your laundry, and wash dishes. Don’t forget that your skin is the body’s largest organ, so choose non-toxic, nutritious products for your shampoo, makeup, toothpaste, and lotions. Healthy lifestyle choices are life-saving, and going for organic food helps people avoid medical complications that occur from ingesting toxic chemicals found in non-organic foods. Food res

When Is a Good Time To Find a Teen Life Coach?

  W hen your teen is having trouble in school or needs a bit of direction to help them move forward on a particular goal set, it's never too early or late to get a teen life coach. A coach could help them transition into something greater at a manageable pace. Here are some tips to help you decide when it's the right time to get a life coach. Help Them Communicate Some teenagers have trouble communicating, and a personal mentor life coach can help create a mutual grown between the child and adult. Here are some things that can help: Create a more open dialogue Bring in constructive ideas for both parties Find a way to better way to express themselves to help parents understand Build More Self-Confidence Self-esteem is another problem when it comes to adolescence. Teenagers are at a difficult stage where they undergo a lot of changes, which can make them feel isolated compared to others. A personal mentor life coach can help them feel

Ways Hypnosis Can Help Your Achieve Liberation

    Photo by C Technical from Pexels   You may view hypnosis as a way to control people. But did you know that hypnosis can benefit you and lead to your liberation from many types of problems. That’s why you may want to consider liberate yourself hypnosis sessions . Below is more information to think about. First, did you know that getting hypnosis therapy can help you to deal with sleep issues, insomnia and even sleepwalking? Being liberated from these problems can make a huge difference in your life. If you sleepwalk a lot, getting hypnosis can help you to learn how to wake up when your feet are on the floor so you will stay in bed and sleep. If you want to just get more sleep, getting this therapy can help you, too. Second, getting therapy with hypnosis can help you to reduce your anxiety. Hypnosis is often best for anxiety that is from a chronic health problem, such as heart issues. It is less effective for people who have general anxiety. Getting this therapy can al

What is the importance of Plant-Based, ECO Friendly & Green Living?

  What is the importance of Plant-Based, ECO Friendly & ECO Friendly ? Green plants provide natural cooling. Leaves block the heating effect of the sun. Green plants can also cool through transpiration, although without large numbers of trees and other plants this effect is minimal. Transpiration is the process by which water evaporates from plant pores, cooling the environment via evaporative cooling. Evaporation consumes heat and is most effective for cooling when the humidity is low. Plants also stabilize the soil through their roots, which bind soils, and through their leaves, which keep raindrops from eroding soils. Areas without adequate vegetative cover often suffer from large quantities of sediment washing into streams and lakes, diminishing water quality. Green plants are not just important to the human environment; they form the basis for the sustainability and long-term health of environmental systems. Green plants remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and generat

Surviving The “ Call Center ” Managing Stressful Work Environments with herbs, Alternative Holistic Medicine & Spirituality

Follow my blog with Bloglovin   Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels   What is it like working at a “ Call Center "? Have you ever noticed that “ call centers ” always seem to have employment openings? If you have never worked in one of these “centers” you might ask “ why “ ? I say it can be one of the most undesirable employment opportunities in western civilization ( as someone that has done call center work for most of my adult life ). It can be very monotonous and very frustrating at times! Customers can (and do ) act very primitive, unreasonable, irrational, and illogical ( I believe you get the idea ) ! It's no fun dealing with someone that acts this way ! On the other hand: you have other customers that are patient, reasonable and nice. Unfortunately we seem to forget about the “ positive ” customers. I've worked at many “ call centers “over the years and “not all call centers are created equally”. In one of my past employers: I received an IM b