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How to Find a Tarot Cards Reading & Psychic Reader Healer Near Me? (Updated 2024)

Locating a Tarot Card Reading and Psychic Healing Near Me

Page updated 04-05-2024. 

Tarot card reading Columbus Ohio

Rates for a Tarot reading:

3 tarot cards reading (past present future) $10.00

tarot cards reading   $15.00

10 tarot card Celtic cross reading $25.00

12 Horoscope house reading. $25.00  

Tarot Cards Reading Columbus OhioTarot card simple yes and no readings will be one dollar for each question.

Nora O'Donnell Wilson service in Columbus, Ohio (Will travel up to 30 miles outside of Columbus Ohio) Call us at 614-268-2235 after 6:00 pm on weekdays and 9:00 am to 9:00 pm on weekends.  


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Psychic reading by Derek P. Bliedung | Psychic | Psychic near me  

Get an Intuitive & psychic reading today from Derek P. Bliedung

We service in Columbus, Springfield, and Dayton Ohio Area. 

Rates for only:

Psychic reading for 15 minutes for $25.00

Psychic reading for 30 minutes for $45 

Psychic reading for 60 minutes for $90 

Psychic reader and has been blessed with the gift to speak to the afterlife (trans-channel).

Derek P. Bliedung is a spiritual teacher & psychic coach. He also offers to coach in the areas Law of attraction (The secret), energy healing (Reiki, Quantum-Touch, white light, Reiki Kabbalah) psychic development & kabbalah.   

Derek is an energy healer in the following areas: Click here to learn more about energy healing and our Rates and Prices.

Reiki Master & Teacher
Power Reiki

Advanced  Quantum-Touch
White Light
The Newest Reiki "Reiki Kabbalah" 

Micheal L. Wilson  is an energy healing in the following areas: Click here to learn more about energy healing and our Rates and Prices.   

Reiki Master & Teacher
Power Reiki
Chios energy healing  & Quantum-Touch 

Reiki Kabbalah Center Metaphysical Directory Mediums – Psychics  - Healers click here  


How to Find a Tarot Cards Reading & Psychic Reader Healer Near Me

Tarot card reading is an art used by gifted psychics to provide people with truthful answers, guidance, and support. There are all kinds of mysticism that aim to give decisive predictions about their future, tarot readings are the most interactive. They reveal lesser-known aspects of people’s lives, giving them clarity on their past, present, and future. A tarot card reading can help you make better decisions and make sense of your challenges across all walks of life. 

How to Find a Tarot Cards Reading & Psychic Reader Healer Near Me? (2021)

Calming effects of what tomorrow will bring with a Tarot Cards Reading & Psychic Reading

With the dynamics of modern life, many people find comfort and hope in having a tarot reading performed for them. The ups and downs, stresses, and pressures of life can make the future seem uncertain and worrying. Not knowing the outcome of future events and the responsibilities people are charged with, can cause grief, instability as well as sadness. These types of negative emotions can weigh people down and result in more stress and instability. If you enjoy this article please share it on Facebook or another social media platform.


How Tarot Cards Reading & Psychic Reading also are moving to an online community format

When typing into any search engine, “psychics near me,” the results page will usually bring up local psychics, mediums, and tarot readers (depending on your location, of course). However, many experienced psychics are ditching the traditional in-person readings and joining popular online psychic networks, making finding a local psychic more and more difficult. With more people choosing to work from home, it’s no surprise that psychics, too, are opting to take their unique skill set online. But are virtual psychic readings accurate? Can a reading via phone, online chat, or video really be just as good as visiting a local psychic? This article has looked at the top psychic networks available to find out.

Is the virtual (by phone, email, online chat, and video) Tarot Cards Reading and psychic Reading as effective as in person?

Although psychic readings by phone, email, online chat, and video have been popular for many years, many still questions whether finding a local psychic and having a reading performed in person is a smarter choice. However, searching for a “psychic near me” in Google has various downsides that may not be obvious at first. For instance, it may be harder to verify the credibility of a local psychic over an advisor who’s been vetted by professionals and subject to visible feedback from paid customers. Plus, there’s no guarantee that finding a psychic within driving distance of your home will be easy. In the. Comments tell if you have used a psychic or wanting to use a psychic?

Top Psychic are often difficult to book with short notice

 Independent psychics also tend to be booked up for weeks at a time and sometimes require clients to pay well in advance before appointments. Luckily this isn’t the case with popular psychic platforms. The best sites boast more than 1000 screened psychic professionals and offer readings 24/7 via text, call, online chat, and video.

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Tarot card reading and psychic Reader Healers often have a healing effect

Online tarot card readings are very popular, and although they do tell the future, the talent and technique of the person doing the reading, the order the cards fall in, and other factors allow those involved to glean a glimpse of a person’s possible reality. This can help relieve stress and worry as well as give peace of mind to those who are having the reading done. The reading can help a person sort through all the internal clutter that causes confusion and emotional stress. It helps a person and allows them to focus and find a balance. To make it easier for you to find the tarot card reader that best matches your requirements. In the comments let us know if you had a psychic or tarot card reading?


Moreover, online platforms allow members to filter psychics based on skill, experience, feedback, and more to suit the client’s requirements. Most platforms even offer first-time users discounts and free minutes, allowing them to try an advisor before paying.

For more information on how to find the perfect psychic around you, kindly visit

FAQ: How to Find a Tarot Card Reading and Psychic Healing Near Me

Q: Where can I find tarot card readings and psychic healings near me?

A: To locate tarot card readings and psychic healings in your area, you can start by searching online directories or platforms that specialize in spiritual services. Websites like Psychic offer a comprehensive list of verified psychics, tarot readers, and healers in various locations. Additionally, you can search on social media platforms or ask for recommendations from friends or family who have had positive experiences with local practitioners.

Q: What services are typically offered by tarot card readers and psychic healers?

A: Tarot card readers often provide various types of readings, including past-present-future readings, Celtic cross readings, yes or no readings, and horoscope house readings. Psychic healers may offer services such as energy healing (e.g., Reiki, Quantum-Touch), psychic readings, mediumship, and spiritual coaching. Each practitioner may specialize in different areas, so it's essential to inquire about their specific offerings.

Q: How can I determine the credibility of a tarot card reader or psychic healer?

A: It's crucial to research the background and credentials of tarot card readers and psychic healers before scheduling a session. Look for reviews, testimonials, and ratings from previous clients to gauge their reputation and reliability. Additionally, consider factors such as years of experience, training, and any certifications or affiliations with reputable organizations within the spiritual community.

Q: Are virtual tarot card readings and psychic healings as effective as in-person sessions?

A: While some people prefer in-person sessions for the personal connection, virtual readings via phone, email, online chat, or video can be equally effective. Many experienced psychics have transitioned to online platforms, offering convenience and accessibility to clients worldwide. It's essential to choose a reputable online psychic network with screened professionals and positive feedback from users.

Q: How can I book a tarot card reading or psychic healing session?

A: Booking a session with a tarot card reader or psychic healer typically involves contacting them directly via phone or email. Some practitioners may have online scheduling systems or booking platforms available on their websites. Be sure to inquire about availability, rates, and any specific requirements or preparations for the session beforehand.

Q: What are the potential benefits of tarot card readings and psychic healings?

A: Tarot card readings and psychic readings provide insights, guidance, and support in various aspects of life, including relationships, career, and personal development. Many people find these practices helpful for gaining clarity, making decisions, and finding peace of mind amidst life's challenges. The healing effects of these sessions can promote emotional well-being and spiritual growth.

For more information and resources on finding the perfect tarot card reader or psychic healer near you, visit Psychic If you have any further questions or inquiries, feel free to reach out to us.

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