How to Survive The “Call Center” Managing Stressful (Burnout) Work Environments with herbs, Alternative Holistic Medicine & Spirituality (Updated 2021)

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Article updated 12/23/21

People working in a call center

What is it like working at a  “Call Center"?

Have you ever noticed that 
“call centers” always seem to have employment openings? In fact call centers have 35% to 40% turn over.

If you have never worked in one of these “centers” you might ask  "why"? I say it can be one of the most undesirable employment opportunities in western civilization (as someone that has done call center work for most of my adult life). It can be very monotonous and very frustrating at times!

Customers can (and do) act very primitive, unreasonable, irrational, and illogical (I believe you get the idea)! It's no fun dealing with someone that acts this way!

On the other hand: you have other customers that are patient, reasonable and nice. Unfortunately we seem to forget about the “ positive ” customers. I've worked at many “call centers" over the years and “not all call centers are created equally”. In one of my past employers: I received an IM because I was “5 seconds” off my goal of AHT ( measured matrix of average handle time), and not “5 minutes”. 


What am I supposed to do about that? Hang up on customers? Sometimes it's the situation and not always the agent's behavior. I've had situations where customers called in and spent 20 minutes complaining about ”how poor our service was” and refused to allow me to try to “improve or correct” the situation. 20 minutes of that customer's time ( and mine ) was just wasted! In the past: my head used to feel like it went through a food processor with all the negative energy I had to endure. People act like everything should go smoothly: but some times we get a bump in the road (and yes: it is our job to fix it or correct it: if only it was that easy)! You often have to put up with what I like to call a “song and dance” (how much they paid for the product or service, and listen to threats of canceling service: never going to shop here again, etc). My personal favorite: the personal put-downs (being screamed at and how you don't care and don't understand about their most important & urgent situation). It's almost comical how foolish people act ( I'm sure they think it's “normal” behavior)! Sometimes I wish we could put these recordings on Facebook or YouTube and not fear a lawsuit. On my days off I only wanted to do nothing and “chill”. It can be very emotionally: mentally: and physically draining.

Dealing with different personality types.

First of all: our society allows this type of behavior when reaching out to a call center or a retail store. I feel people act like this because they are unbalanced (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually)! My friend (Michael) reminded me that when someone speaks to you negatively they are sending you negative energy (Chi, Ki, Parma ). No one wants to deal with negative energy! I believe customers are acting like this because they “think” and not they “know” it is the most effective way to handle the situation. From my perspective: this behavior sometimes can get the customer to receive less in terms of service or a settlement (it's alright to be a little upset: just don't push it too far)!

School of thought that may explain this behavior

There is a school of thought that states: “left brain hemisphere" thinkers suffer from “withdrawal” symptoms when you remove their technology. This may explain some of the customer's irrational behavior at times: if you remove their technology ( or technology fails to work ) just as if they were addicted to drugs: they go “mad” ! On the other hand: "right brain hemisphere"  thinkers are creative people: ones that tend to be healers, psychics, mediums, channelers, and mystics. They are the ones that stay calm when their technology fails to work (or fails to work correctly)! No “Song and Dance”!

How to heal "call center burnout" with “alternative” medicine , ”holistic” medicine, and ”spirituality”

I have found the best treatment for burnout is part herbal, part “alternative & holistic medicine”, and part “spiritual development”. To me: it is a whole system of connection to the “higher power” (this “higher power” is the one that lends its healing power to you). I have created my own system of energy healing and “spiritual” healing that has been extremely effective to bring me inner peace and calmness I had not been able to achieve before to treat burnout mental health.

I developed a 8 layer energy healing modality that I call: Reiki Kabbalah energy healing.

I combine this with meditation, kabbalah rituals, and psychic channeling. Just to make it clear: Reiki Kabbalah energy healing is something I can give to someone in a healing session or being done as a “self-healing” technique! Spiritual or psychic development is something that would be a much longer process to develop. It's just like learning to do martial arts or playing a musical instrument! I do teach people this process at a reasonable rate in private or semi-private sessions. I have 2 programs that I have branded to different markets. 


One is called the 3 pillars of Success that is marketed to people looking for a career and personal success. I have another one marketed for people looking for “enlightenment” that is called the 3 pillars of the light. It has made me a new person with dealing with the slings and arrows of working at a call center environment. 

How to heal with herbs

To the call center agent: it places a lot of anger, stress, and anxiety. This can lead to mental health issues ( and if not properly treated ) can and will lead to physical health issues.

The 3 evils that can make anyone explode under pressure are:


Fatigue or being tired: 2) dehydration: 3) hunger.

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms you are more likely to tell a customer what you “really” think about their behavior! The best way to safeguard against this: have water at your side all day long. Make sure you snack on your breaks, or have food near you if you really need it. 


Make sure you have something to increase your energy levels ( Natures Sunshine Adaptamax, 5-hour energy, or caffeine drink). There are many people that get the “pink slip" or some type of warning because they hit their “breaking point”! These companies often don't know how to “educate or help” their employees on how to deal with these stressful situations. 

If you go to the “traditional" health care system of doctors and mental health “professionals” (based on my personal dealing with this situation) it is a totally ineffective treatment! I had to be a trailblazer and find my own way to balance and find inner peace. It took me years to find what worked for me. One of the major issues was burn-out and low energy. 

I found an herbalist that stated that this is often an issue with the adrenal gland and recommends Natures Sunshine Adaptamax. I take 1 to 2 pills daily for energy improvement, but to help the adrenal gland I take between 3-4 pills per day (this product is to treat thyroid ). 

According to my herbalist the herbs are very similar to Natures Sunshine adrenal support. If you have any doubts take both products. I personally recommend taking the pills over a period of time: take one in the morning: one in mid-morning: then at lunch: next one at late afternoon. 

This has helped me with energy and stamina ( before this I was taking 5 hours energy to treat my energy issues ). I was told by a traditional health care provider that 5-hour energy is not a healthy choice. It was great to improve your energy levels: but this did not help me with dealing with the stress and anxiety of hostile/  combative customers. 

I found a herb called Natural way's St John's Wort ( this helps with depression and improves mood). I found that taking one pill daily is effective. In addition: also taking Ashwagandha helps with stress and depression. I take 1 pill a day (Natures Sunshine Adaptamax has Ashwagandha as one of the ingredients).


I don't know if Adaptamax has a strong enough concentration of Ashwagandha to be effective (for stress and depression). Ashwagandha is placed in Adaptamax to treat the thyroid. For legal reasons I have to tell you to consult a medical professional before taking any of these herbs to treat any of the above illnesses.


But on a personal level, the traditional western medical community does not “know everything”. I have found more success in treating myself with alternative medicine, herbs, and spirituality.

Ways to Detox Your Body and use Meditation to Calm the Mind

Some ways to detox your body: apple cider vinegar (you take 1 to 2 tablespoons daily). You take lemon juice mixed with water daily. There is an ionic foot-bath that will remove toxins from your body as well. These are all ways to detox your body. The first time I had a foot-bath treatment it looked like toxic waste coming out of my body. Going forward: the by-products coming out of your body still does not look pretty but does look more honorable as before.

Try to eating healthy and (if you can afford to) try to eat organic and/or non-GMO foods that are even better for you. I would try to at least 15 to 20 minutes of physical exercise per day for 3 to 4 times per week. Meditation is an exercise for the mind. If done for 15 to 20 minutes daily (or at-least the days you work) it can make your workplace or call center a more tolerable place to work.

Other Forms of “Alternative” and “Holistic” Healing

The types of “Alternative” and “ Holistic” healing I have tried and found effective was Reiki and Acupuncture ( it places you in a very relaxed state of peace and calmness). 


Other healing modalities that are more “ physical “ would be Massage and Reflexology. But my massage therapist was also a Reiki master and crossed-trained in other forms of energy healing (
Chinese medicine such as Cupping and Scrapping (Gua Sha). I only had cupping and scrapping done once: but it does increase the flow of energy (Chi) and blood. I had been told by a person that had both treatments on a regular basis that cupping and gua sha does help with severe mental health (trauma and PDSD) and helps you let go of the emotional and physical pain. 

Other Ways to Heal with Tone & Positive Affirmations (subliminal and none subliminal messages)

This another way to heal you and improve your well-being in a call center and the best this it does not cost a single penny! 

Start with the "I am" affirmations in the morning or before you start work: These will make you feel better before dealing with customers.

At night these are very good to improve performance listen to these audio files. I saw my stats go up in the last 3 months. The "Millionaire Mindset Affirmations" can help make more money at your current job. And can bring more money into your life.

Good General healing tone healing for mind, body and soul  


The advantages of alternative medicine, holistic medicine, and spiritual treatments to treat the call center blues

In the conclusion that I have used alternative medicine, holistic
medicine, and spiritual treatments and to manage the stressful work environment (burnout) of a call center. This is the approach that works best for me. It might not work best for you. We must be open to different techniques of healing, western healing does not work for everyone. 

Many times people are ill and production falls below par. The companies answer to this is giving a performance improvement plan (PIP). When it is the employment that is making you ill in the first place. Just how many people get pink slips simply because they don't know how to treat their own illness? 

Technically it is not your responsibility to know how to treat your illness. That is why you consult a doctor, and if you still don't know what is wrong with you they send you to a “specialist". Now: what if the “specialist” does not know what is wrong with you? 

The generic answer from the medical professional is “all in your head”! Translation: the doctors don't have a “machine or test” that can find an ” issue” yet. It amazes me how that two different “alternative healers” that are trained in absolutely and totally different “modalities” can detect the same issue (even before the person is suffering any known symptoms)! Talk about “proactive treatment of illness” before there is even an problem!

This article will not cure the underlining issue of the call center but gives steps to feel and be better if you are working in such a environments . Let's face it: the cure is getting out of the call center. But all work environments will have various degrees of stress. We must learn to stop “ working for a living “ and start following our true passion. This is when you will truly find the cure.

Writen By Derek P., Bliedung

Edited by Michael L. Wilson 

(Updated 2021) 

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