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News Relase Derek Bliedung Offers Effective Kabbalah Healing

Michael Wilson & Derek Bliedung Offers Effective Kabbalah Healing For Immediate Release Media Contact Name: Michael L.Wilson & Derek P, Bliedung Business Name: Reiki Kabbalah Center Email: The Kabbalah healing is good for anyone along any spiritual path, anyone in Kabbalah or wanting the connection with the light. This healing is very heart-centered and penetrates at a core level. It brings you into your true center and connects you with the holly conscious. The benefits of faith are often not obvious. Rather, several core messages of religion are counter-intuitive. It is a struggle to embrace a religious life, as this life calls us to reject being a slave to our passions, desires and do things "the hard way." But, beyond these lessons, there are even deeper lessons and Kabbalah is a method that was devised to get at this deeper understanding. You can make an appointment by email or call us at 614-282-3162