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Channeling The Ascended Master Yeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus) Updated 2024

Channeling The Ascended Master Yeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus)

Page updated 3-22-2024


The Central Ohio Reiki & Kabbalah presents the YouTube video series by Pamela Aaralyn (psychic, medium, + channeler) on the messages from “Channeling the Ascended Master Yeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus)”

Channeling The Ascended Master Yeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus)


Welcome to the enlightening world of spiritual teachings through the channeling of the Ascended Master Yeshua Ben Joseph, commonly known as Jesus. Presented by Pamela Aaralyn, a gifted psychic, medium, and channeler, these YouTube video series offer profound insights and messages from the revered figure of Jesus Christ.

I came across these videos when my spiritual teacher told the class that you can find channeling of Jesus and others online. I knew I would have to take a peek at YouTube and see what I can find. I still wonder if my spiritual teacher received a message from some angels to tell that to the class. 
Yeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus)

Yeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus)

Discovering the Teachings

I stumbled upon these captivating videos after my spiritual teacher mentioned the availability of online channelings of Jesus and other spiritual beings. Intrigued, I ventured onto YouTube to explore further. It's worth pondering whether my teacher's guidance stemmed from divine intervention, a message from angels, or simply a synchronistic occurrence.

These videos have inspired me to delve deeper into the subject, leading me to write two papers titled "The Tale of Two Jesus" and "Why Does Our Society Follow the Blind False Prophet?" The journey has been enlightening, prompting introspection and growth on my spiritual path. Though initially skeptical, my encounters with these teachings have propelled me towards spiritual awakening and a newfound connection to the divine.

The True Jesus

As I continue to explore my beliefs and share them with the world, I urge you to embrace the teachings of the "true" Jesus as channeled by Pamela Aaralyn. This version of Jesus transcends conventional religious dogma, offering insights into the teachings of the historical figure and Jewish mystic who walked the earth over 2000 years ago. Remember, we each have the freedom to follow our own path, guided by the light of God and our individual spiritual journeys.

Embracing Diversity

If these teachings resonate with you, I encourage you to share them on social media platforms like Facebook, allowing others to benefit from their wisdom. However, if you find yourself offended or uncomfortable, I invite you to honor your own belief system and return to a path that brings you inner peace and fulfillment.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, the channeling of Yeshua Ben Joseph offers a unique perspective on spiritual enlightenment and personal growth. I invite you to explore these teachings with an open mind and heart, allowing the light of divine wisdom to illuminate your path. And if you're interested in further metaphysical exploration, feel free to check out my metaphysical directory or reach out with any questions you may have.

With love and light,
Central Ohio Reiki & Kabbalah
Michael Wilson & Derek Bliedung
Reiki Master & Teacher

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