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Channeling The Ascended Master Yeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus) Updated 2023

Channeling The Ascended Master Yeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus) 

Channeler Pamela Aaralyn Jesus Channeling the Ascended Master Yeshua Ben Joseph YouTube Psychic medium channeler Master Jesus Yeshua

Page updated 6-10-2023


The Central Ohio Reiki & Kabbalah presents the YouTube video series by Pamela Aaralyn (psychic, medium, + channeler) on the messages from “Channeling the Ascended Master Yeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus)”

I came across these videos when my spiritual teacher told the class that you can find channeling of Jesus and others online. I knew I would have to take a peek at YouTube and see what I can find. I still wonder if my spiritual teacher received a message from some angels to tell that to the class. 
Yeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus)
These videos have motivated me to write 2 papers (  
The Tail of Two Jesus and Why does our society follows the blind false prophet?
on the subject (and almost done)! If you don't know me (or my stories) I was told these things about 10 years ago telepathically from spirit. I broke out in laughter! I did not believe it (at the time I was not either spiritual or religious). I have been prompted to grow spiritually and open myself up to the light of God. 

 Who is the true Jesus?

I do plan to explain my beliefs and broadcast them to the world: in the meantime, please enjoy the teachings of “true” Jesus. I will warn you: it is not "Jesus" of the church! It is the teaching of the “real” Jesus (that Jewish mystic that lived over 2000 years ago). We are allowed to follow our own path because God gives us free will. If you are offended by these teachings, please stop watching and go back to your own belief system (if that is where you find bliss). If you enjoyed these videos, please share them on Facebook or another social media.

~  Love and Light

If you enjoyed these YouTube videos by Pamela Aaralyn channeling of Yeshua Ben Joseph. You may like to check out my metaphysical directory.  In the comments what do you think of this version of Jesus? 


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