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Do “Abrahamic” Religions have Spiritual Teachings within the Torah, Bible & Quran?

  As an “awakened” spiritualist I feel that I am more like Abraham and his sons then different. I have recently received messages from: “GOD”, ascended beings, Gaia, angels (including archangels), spiritual guides, and ancestors. I've always wondered why it was all right for Abraham, Moses, Solomon, Jesus, and Muhammad to speak to “GOD” and Spirits: but as soon as I attempted to copy my spiritual forefathers I am labeled as an “occultist” or a “witch”? Is it just me: how does this make any sense? This sounds pretty ridiculous: but doesn't it seem that “Abrahamic” religions should follow the teachings of Abraham ? And if they did follow the teachings then why don't “Abrahamic” religions teach their followers to speak to “GOD”, angels, and spirits? Is it “wrong” that a simple person (like myself) speak about the “mighty church”? To me the church (and its sister organizations) are speaking from “ego” (the “Ego” in the spiritual community is the darkness or the

Reiki Kabbalah Center Offering Energy Healing During COVID-19

Reiki Kabbalah Center is wishing everyone is safe and healthy during this time of need. Reiki Kabbalah Center is still open and offering in person (all parties are required to wear masks, have a temperature below 100 degrees and  free of cold or flu symptoms) and  remote or distance healing such as Reiki, Reiki Kabbalah, Quantum Touch technique, and White light. We simply don't know if any of these healing will have a direct or indirect effect on COVID-19. But what we do know is these healing can lower stress, improve the immunity, release both physical and emotional pain, balance out the chakras, and improve our mind, body, and spirit connections. We are offering with 10 days of 10 minutes with healing of your choice of Reiki, Quantum Touch technique, and White light or all 3 three for $100.00 performed by Reiki Master Michael L. Wilson or Derek P. Bliedung. We are offering 20 days of 10 minutes with healing of your choice of Reiki, Quantum Touch technique,