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About US (Manifesto)

About US (Manifesto) 

What makes the Central Ohio Reiki & Kabbalah different than other Reiki & energy healer, and esoteric providers in Ohio? We believe this "gifts" where give to us by God to heal the sick and raise the collective conscience of society. 

About US
As a whole we feel that society is still in the dark ages and is still hanging on to old beliefs. These old beliefs are causing conflict and root for hate (Ego). We know ego is a more of an eastern belief system, and we have to agree they correct with these teachings. We feel that Westen society hold on to these outdate belief system as they are some type of glorious thing. We know they are walking into the darkness and not following the true word of God. 

We are not a religious origination. We don't intend to force our beliefs system on to others. We fully understand that the majority of society will not believe in our teachings (because they are not ready). We are here to service the ones that are ready hear the true teachings of God. 

We don't lecture you what should believe. We give you the tools to raise your vibration or consciences, where you can speak or receive message from higher power. We are not the true prophets; you are the prophet for God, and you need to experience the word to believe in the true word of God. 

We feel that religious origination is part of an outdated system. Even the bible states we should become more like Jesus (Yesua), My question why the religious originations seem to move us away from God and push us to have limited belief (faith) and not to walk in the true light of God. 

We believe this is our mission on earth to bring people toward the light of God. 

We start simple with energy healing, and then offer basic to advance learning in the spiritual and esoteric teachings.  

All of healing we are channeling the light of God and directing into your body, in which the light is healing you. 

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