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Walking in the path of Enlightenment

We want to start the entire topic by describing what  Enlightenment  is? So, you could better understand the idea of what we are trying to explain in the below sections. In general,  Enlightenment  refers to a word that shows different applications. Surprisingly, there was a period back in the European history of the 1700s when it’s known as the “Age of  Enlightenment ”, but it shows limited clarifications as compared to current times. In the old periods it’s characterized by a belief of the power of human reason.  If we talk about the current times Enlightenment  refers to a blissful event that happens with every person to transform the consciousness state.  It shows  the light  to every individual where all of the questions of their life get answered. Getting the answers means it helps you to reach the ultimate goal of your life.  It’s not necessary for every human being to experience it with the hope of lightness, ease, and grace for several days or weeks un