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Why does our society follows the blind false prophet?

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I started the “
awakening” process approximately from 2009 to 2011.
I embraced the path to enlightenment very seriously in my quest for knowledge and understanding.

Our UN-awakened society has been a very sore spot for me ever since I was released to the truth of the existence of the higher power or spiritual universe. I too was once like our society: full of anger and negativity.

I had to learn to embrace the love (and light) of GOD and shed myself of the anger and negativity (an ongoing process).

I bit my own tongue many times so as not to speak out. I feel now is the time to speak out!

Unlike society: I will not “burn the city down” or have an active protest in the streets. I am a “quiet revolutionary”. I have some of the most powerful tools in the history of man. Yes: we have internet and social media. We don't need to protest in the streets in this day and age. For me: the issue is that people of our society are so unbalanced physically : mentally: emotionally: and spiritually. I feel this is the cause of hatred, anger, and negativity! Society has blamed all their problems on a minority in our society. It was the “foreigners” taking our jobs (as a fine example)! Once in our history Western Europeans (here in the United States) were considered “the damn foreigners” stealing our jobs (and were most likely hated for this “fact”). I know history teaches us that Hebrews and African Americans have been former slaves. The real truth is (the fact that is not a known fact) but all humans are in fact genetically altered from the apes by aliens. We have been used and bred to be slave labor. If you listen to science they even state that humans had a “quantum leap” in our development (which even “science” can't explain).The very fact is that natural selection takes a much longer time than the time humans went from apes to Homo sapiens. I know it is crazy for some to believe that “little green men from outer space” helped us along in our evolution. This was told to me by my spiritual teacher (that came to her in a vision). Trust me: I am not a UFO or aliens person: I am a “spiritual person”. But it is human nature to suppress others in order to EXALT or place yourself up (once again this is the human ego).

Our society thinks it knows all. The main word here is it “thinks”. “I think” does not mean “I know”. This is why I call our society a blind false prophet” (It thinks it's all-knowing). In fact: it knows less than one-tenth of what it thinks it knows. As for me: I don't know all. I have been told things by spirit that at the time was impossible for me to know (or even be able to forecast) at that time in my life. To me: it is the universe that is the true prophet. So many follow the so-called “church” (and other “religious” organizations) they can't begin to understand the kingdom of GOD” with only faith. The kingdom of GOD is a “spiritual” experience, and can't be learned just from reading any “holy” book. How can a blind person know what an elephant looks like? They can't see it! Just like an UNAWAKENED person can't understand what it means to walk in the light of “GOD”. The “blind” will tell us we are wrong! We are not wrong: we are the ones that GOD has hand-selected to walk in the light. What would make a better member of the clergy: a person that only has faith? Or the mystical counterpart that has lifted the veil between our 3rd dimension and the spiritual universe? Who is more correct: “the think I know” or the “I know”? I was sent this email that has a quote from Confucius (only after I had completed a rough draft of this article). “To know what you know and know what you don't know is true knowledge”. ~ Confucius. I have to set back and say “wow”! Confucius says the same thing I am saying. It is ok if I don't know everything. We are in the 3rd dimension: we are here to learn.

To me the “think” is a byproduct of ego. If you have read any of my other articles: I have learned from Yeshua (Jesus) that the ego of man is the “mark of the beast”. To a spiritualist or light workers, this is a very bad thing. We try to tame our ego and not let our ego control us. We don't want to embrace the “devil” or “evil” (ego). Our society not only embraces the ego: it thinks there is a good thing. And then we wonder why our society is so messed up?

One of the issues our society suffers from is that the “old mighty dollar is the king” ( even if it means hurting other members of society). Let us take big pharmaceutical companies for example: instead of using an natural / herbal formulations they decided to make artificial synthetic products. Sure it helps one thing: but in-return makes other functions of your body not function correctly. So: now you need more prescriptions to fix these new issues.

Great for big business ( but not for you)! They mess with your food as well (which is making us sick). So: you need more drugs to fix this new issue as well. What should you be doing? You should try to eat organic and non-GMO foods (at least this food will not make you sick). An alternative to drugs: try using herbs, natural vitamins, and minerals. There are Herbologists, Naturopath and Chinese doctors that practice Chinese medicine (as an alternative to medical doctors). Don't forget that there are a wide range of alternative healers out there in addition to what was spoken here today.

Some may think I'm a socialist because I am talking negatively about the capitalist system. There is nothing wrong about making an honest profit. However I do have an issue! If we need to hurt others in the process: for what end to gain? Just to make a few extra dollars in “profit” (monetary gain)? This is just pure and unsaturated greed! Greed is ego: and ego is the mark of the beast: and it is the devil or evil!

Many people called Jesus a socialist. I think this is incorrect. First of all: extreme socialists are atheists: (They don't believe in God, Higher Power, Spirit, or Universe). I believe there is a difference between “spiritual” socialist and “political” socialist. The fact: as you move closer to the light of GOD (enlightenment) you become less fascinated with materialism. You “know” (not just “think” you know) that there is more to living life then: how big is your bank account: job titles: how big and fancy is the car you drive: and how big is your house, etc? You have a new perspective / rationalization: that GOD is a real and tangible “spiritual” reality: and you have a “higher” path to lead you to greatness.

On the other hand: there are followers of the “blind false prophet”. They have in their minds that “they have a direct connection to divine intelligence and know everything”: You can't tell them anything because they just “know” everything. I jokingly say that these are the type that: they act like GOD himself will consult with them first. GOD would not consult with such blind fools.

Why is our society acting so illogical and irrational at times?

My opinion is: the reasons why our society is acting so illogical and irrational at times: because they are unbalanced and full of hatred, anger, negativity, and fear.

First step: rebalance our society to improve the quality of diet, add physical exercise.

The second step would be added mediation and if need herbs.

The third step would be:bring the light of GOD into your life.

You can also get Reiki healing or acupuncture treatments that would greatly help to improve our ill societies overall health.


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