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Do “Abrahamic” Religions have Spiritual Teachings within the Torah, Bible & Quran?

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As an “awakened” spiritualist I feel that I am more like Abraham and his sons then different. I have recently received messages from: “GOD”, ascended beings, Gaia, angels (including archangels), spiritual guides, and ancestors. I've always wondered why it was all right for Abraham, Moses, Solomon, Jesus, and Muhammad to speak to “GOD” and Spirits: but as soon as I attempted to copy my spiritual forefathers I am labeled as an “occultist” or a “witch”? Is it just me: how does this make any sense? This sounds pretty ridiculous: but doesn't it seem that “Abrahamic” religions should follow the teachings of Abraham? And if they did follow the teachings then why don't “Abrahamic” religions teach their followers to speak to “GOD”, angels, and spirits?

Is it “wrong” that a simple person (like myself) speak about the “mighty church”? To me the church (and its sister organizations) are speaking from “ego” (the “Ego” in the spiritual community is the darkness or the “mark of the beast”). A spiritualist is trying to move from “ego” and into the kingdom of GOD or the light of GOD. This unwanted human fault (and many more) that speak from “Ego”: (speaks without true knowledge or experience). The bible speaks that the “Holy Spirit” first effects the “heart” (the “Heart” is how many communicate with God). So if one speaks from the “Heart” they are often speaking the word of God)

Somewhere in history the “Abrahamic” religions fell from grace and forgot to follow the teachings of Abraham and his son's. “Abrahamic” religions seem to go out of their way to discourage people from such activities. I believe this falling from grace happened in the middle ages when the Christians were banned by the church to practice any form of “magic” (including “white magic”). The early Christians were allowed to practice only “white magic”. “White magic” is used to intentionally help others: whereas ”dark and black” magic is used to cause harm or even death to others. The “dark and black” magic can also be used to manifest wealth: but unlike “white magic” it is not earned or deserved! This causes “unbalance” in the universe and comes with a very high price tag. This can mean an honorable tragedy in this person's lifetime (or many lifetimes) dealing with negative “karma”. So: please don't do this type of magic ( the cost is too high)!

I believe the Christian Church does not want their followers to have a direct connection to “GOD” (the church will lose its power over the people)! Can you imagine: the priest (or minister) tells his followers that they need to go to “Church” on Sunday. The follower tells the priest (or minister) “It is not what Jesus (Yeshua) told me to do"! The reason why I think the Church banned “white magic”: it brings you closer to “GOD” and opens you up “spiritually”. You no longer have to rely only on “faith” but be a personal witness to the miracles of “GOD” (This is very damning from the perspective of the “Abrahamic” religions). It may cause the so-called “church” to go out of business! This takes the power away from man-made “religious” organizations and transfers the power to “GOD”. I believe this is the correct way.

I had a personal experience when I was posting on Facebook about my new business Reiki Kabbalah Center and the topic was Reiki. I was told by someone I know that I should not post such things on Facebook and they will pray for me (they did not want me to go to “Hell”)! First of all a spiritualist doesn't believe in “Hell”. According to Yeshua's teaching “Hell” is in a 2nd dimension ( it is something that humans go to ). Our earth is in the 3rd dimension and we are trying o raise our conscience to the 4th and 5th dimensions. If anything this is incorrect teaching of the “Abrahamic” religions. When we die we choose to walk in the light and go to heaven or we choose to stay on earth (we create our own “Hell” or “Purgatory”). Is this doing something “wrong”? Why Is it “wrong” to be “awakened” by “GOD”? Was it “wrong” to heal others like JESUS (Yeshua) and the apostle's did? Is it “wrong” to heal others “now” in the “present” time? Is it “wrong” to preach the word of “GOD” in its purest and truest form (as JESUS did)?

According to JESUS (Yeshua), we should not try to recruit or convert. I do respect this teaching because it states no one's religious or spiritual ideas are superior to anyone else's. “GOD” gives us free will to choose, not to give judgment of others. I'm putting this article out there not to recruit or convert. Some people go to internet search engines every day to find information. If someone is looking for this information why should I hide it or make it difficult for them to find it? My idea of recruiting (or converting) would be better represented if I had an army of followers going door to door and handing out materials and/or sending a bunch of e-mails, etc.

One of the primary differences between “Abrahamic” religions and spiritualism is:
we are able to communicate to spirits. We came from a very wide variety of religious (and spiritual) backgrounds: many from “Abrahamic” religions. We tend to be mediums, psychics, healers, and magicians (real magicians not 'illusionists”). We all have different gifts and abilities, and we all have in common wanting to have “oneness” with “GOD” and expand our spiritual gifts. Please don't think this is an “ exclusive “ club and you must have “gifts and abilities” to even join this club ! We are very warm (and caring) people and are willing to teach others to become one with “GOD”. In fact: you already have “oneness” with “GOD”: but your own fears and self-doubts prevent you from feeling your “oneness” with “GOD”.

Many may feel that the “ traditional” religions are lacking a “connection” to “GOD” and are looking for more. If you are looking for more: the “ spiritual” way may provide you with the connection and relationship with “GOD” which you may feel is lacking.
In fact : you are not in lack or apart from “GOD” (you just think you are). We will help you develop your gifts ( meaning we are willing to teach you how to use your own gifts that “GOD” has already given you). For example: I have access to the ” WORDPRESS” website: but since I am not well versed in “ WORDPRESS “ I am lost and can't use it. But with some training I can grow to be an “expert” in “WORDPRESS”. The same with “psychic” abilities: with some coaching, encouragement, and practice you too can become a great “psychic”. Humans have limiting beliefs that prevent the miracles of “GOD” from reaching them.

The ABRAHAMIC” religions teach from the Torah, Bible, and Quran. But they tend to teach a “ theoretical “ interpretation of the word of scriptures.
My issue with this is: how can anyone feel and know “GOD” with “ theory” only? Would you go to a so-called “doctor” that only knew the ” theory” of medicine and never saw a patient before? So why would you go to a so-called “HOLY” person (or “minister”) that does not understand or has experienced the meaning of “GOD”? Once one feels the power of “GOD” the “ scriptures” take on a whole different meaning. YOU understand what the “WORD” actually means. “The blind lead the blind” but the “awakened” can understand the true word of ”GOD” I believe that the true word of “ GOD” is more than just a “HOLY” book, but is a direct download from “GOD” to his followers.

If you are interested in learning more about “spiritual” teaching, development, or healing I offer to coach in private sessions or group sessions. Click Here

By: Derek P. Bliedung
Spiritual teacher
Psychic & Trans-Channel
Reiki Master & teacher
Reiki Kabbalah Center

Re-typed by: Michael L. Wilson
Reiki Master
Reiki Kabbalah Center


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