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Exploring Alternative Views or Perspectives of Jesus: The Spiritual and Non-Orthodox View

The Tail of Two Yesusa

They are two Jesus, the person that actually walked on earth over.
2000 yeSUars or the reinvented person that the church wants us all to believe in. I have never believed in the Jesus of the Orthodox church I always felt something was wrong and there was a hidden scripture to deliver us the truth. To be clear what I call the Orthodox church is not a single group it is what some would call the mainstream church of today. This all started when the Orthodox church took control and denounced the Gnostic Church and their holy book Gnostic Nag Hammadi. This was the creation of the “other Jesus”. The Jesus worked better for the orthodox church and the teaching of Roman emperor Constantine.

The light can transform a non-believer into the kingdom of God

As a person who was not very well versed in the Bible and was raised as basically agnostic. The Universe had its job cut out for it to bring a person like me to the Kingdom of God. The universe had to show me the spiritual word was indeed real and true. The universe guided me to learn more about Jesus. I was shocked at how my interpretation of his teaching was contrarily different than that of the church. Let's face it the church's goal is not to bring people to the light. But, to bring continuous need for the church (enslavement).

Why is the "church" preventing you from reaching enlightenment? 

The church wants to keep getting its tithe (paycheck), and the best way to is to keep people needing the church. My goal is not to create a lifetime need but to teach people to tap into the light of God and have the light guide them to follow their pre-birth soul contract. In the video series on my blog Jesus' says that humankind has been enslavement for over 4000 years by religion. I feel this is the ego of man trying to control “the people” and make themselves feel superior to others. This is not the work of God. But the ego of man and is the mark of the beast! If you like this, please share it on Facebook on any other social media thank you. 


Why is it called the "mark of the beast"?

My good friend and business partner Michael L. Wilson has pointed out to me why it was called the mark of the beast because humans are acting like common animals, not enlightening beginning. Some have stated that even the common animal has to follow natural laws and is not allowed to overconsume to create a lack for other species of animals. But humans seem to disregard these natural laws, for the betterment of the individual. 


Was the Christian faith partly founded on paganism?

The church of today is a byproduct of the Roman emperor Constantine, who only converted to Christianity on his deathbed, after being a pagan for most of his life. (I am not denouncing the pagan religion. I am just stating a fact, and making the mainstream Christian church, act like pagans are the anti-Christ. In fact, many pagans are much more spiritually advanced than a majority of Christians and Jews


Jesus himself practiced pagan rituals like the baptism and the Last Supper. I personally don't follow the pagan belief system. But it is simply another way for humankind to explain the mysteries of the creator). Constantine was also known for editing what some teachings later became known as the Bible. 

Was the Gnostic Bible (Nag Hammadi) so bad for today's Christians? 

In fact, it was The Gnostic Nag Hammadi (pre-bible). May scholars feel that Nag Hammadi is a truer source of the word of God then than today's bible. The very fact that Gnostics were an early Christian group, and many believe that their teaching was closer in alignment with Jesus and his disposables.

But, after seeing a YouTube video of medium Pamela Aaralyn: “Channeling the Ascended Master Jesus". Jesus himself states that there is no holy book is 100% correct. You must judge the word with your own heart.


Even Jesus stated that Nag Hammadi is more correct than that of the bible. Reviewing many other videos from Pamela Aaralyn on Jesus' teachings he has endorsed many other holy books: (such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Emerald Tablet, and Sanskrit). 



The newest book on the teachings of Jesus

The one that surprised me the most was the course on miracles on his list of approved holly books. After further research course on miracles from the author Helen Schucman, who was acting as a scribe or channel. She heard an inner voice that gave her dictation to write down the words. She was told this inner voice was that of Jesus. Once again people can destroy and alter the word of God, but God finds a way to get it back to the people.

Any holy book that man has touched will be full of miscommunications even if the original teaching is from God himself. We humans will filter out some of the true teachings of God. This is just a fault of humankind. Many can get messages from the other side from: (ancestors, ascended masters, saints, angels, arch angels, or God). 

 The lost art of spiritual communications 

We all can communicate with the other side but choose to be in the dark. In many cases, the church wants to keep us in the dark. Often will threats of internal damnation for questioning their holly then holy teachings. To me, this is nothing more than a stick that a master will use to beat a slave since they have been disobedient. I would like to take the stick and beat the ego out of that master until he claims no higher power then God himself and he is equal to that slave in the eyes of God. 


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Why are mysticism, magic, mediums psychics, or metaphysics done wrong to the church? 

We have been told many lies both by the church and by society talking to dead people is impossible. It is not only possible, but it is also just the start of what humans can obtain. The religious organizations speak negatively of mysticism, magic, mediums, psychics, or metaphysics. All the words mean the same thing They don't understand how they can do that, and it can't be right! Tell us in the comments what do you think of mysticism, magic, and mediums and psychics, or metaphysics?

If we look at the bible was Abraham not able to speak to GOD?” We can say the same for Noah, Moses, Salmon, and Jesus. So why is it so wrong? If we were too much like any of the spiritual leaders we would cause issues, such as being rebels. Placing such radical thoughts, such as one can have ones with GOD? If you are oneness with God; you don't need a church or temple you are the temple of God. The Bible says, “that the kingdom of God is within you”. The church claims to be “bible-based”. But in fact, the church only like the parts of the bible that support their belief system.

I guess Constantine did not do a good enough job of editing the bible to make it a better fit for future religion. He left some true teachings in the bible for people like me to find and expose the truth. 

 What is the true name of Jesus? 

Who we refer to as Jesus, was not his correct name. Many believe his correct name is Yeshua Ben Joseph or Joshua in English. Jesus is in fact a Greek name, not a Hebrew name. The Bible also speaks that we should not speak the name of the lord in a foreign name. Don't stress if you still call him “Jesus”: but I was told directly by spirit that he prefers the name of Yeshua. I personally call him Yeshua out of respect. I sometimes slip from time to time and still refer to him as Jesus. 

 Another source tells us the Bible is not, correct? 

On another occasion, I had a chance to meet Chancellor/medium Rev. Cindy Riggs, she told him in a privet season that Jesus, told her that some parts of the scripture were incorrect. She did not tell me which part(s). The idea that the same message is being repeated to me from different sources shows me it must be the truth.  


I had another chance to view one of Pamela Aaralyn other videos “TRANCE CHANNELS JESUS” This time the teaching is more direct, and I feel this is the truth and it is what my heart tells me is the truth. I had the same thought of what he was speaking about before I ever saw the videos. She gave a general message from Jesus:

Yeshua Ben Joseph

The general message from Yeshia is: “I bring to you today my graduate. I bring to your conditions of unconventional presents; I bring to you today unconventional love and graduation. I hold a space for healing. I hope for a space for blessings. I am not the Jesus any of the church to which are aware. When I appear in a human religion I do so because of the people in that church, not because of the dogma. That is not what I resplendent. That is not what I am here to share. I am here to channel through this being today (Pamela Aaralyn) To bring my message home to you. My message is simply of light, simply that the same divinity as I hold as an ascended being. That is something you too can hold and understand and share accustomed you. I too am human, and I too have been human. There are many aspects of me and there are many aspects of you. I return here to return the sacred nature of my teachings. So, they have been abashed and they have been charged. My name and my body have been distracted. Please don't allow sadness in your heart for that simply that religion does not exist. The kingdom of God is within you, and has ways been, will always been within you. As below as is above and vice a versa. You are here to simply to honor body as temple of God with in you. You are source there is nothing more powerful than source within you. I am not more powerful, I am not the only way, Into the many kingdoms of heaven. There is not but one, there are many. You are here to understand unconditional love and to understand me for your individual purposes. The reason to be here is your pre-birth intentions and to follow them out. You are here to trust the source within and that is all” ~Yeshia Ben Joseph (Jesus)


What was Jesus' Goal? 

Jesus and other mystics' goal is to bring people to the light of God or an Oneness with God. I believe this is the true religion. To me, everyone has a different mission. The light is what helps guide you where need to be in life. Most of us are not open to this light and can't see it, feel it, hear it, or know it is ever there. These are the ones we call the blind or the not awakened.


What is my spiritual contract with God?

My goal is to bring people, but not all people. But only the select group that feels the need to walk in the light of GOD! The rest will remain blind, maybe after much reconsecration, they will mature spiritually and feel and want to be brought into the light. At that time someone will guide them into the light

I never believed in the church because it was not my mission on earth to follow the orthodox church. But bring people of all beliefs, and faiths, to bring them closer to GOD. This is the universal law of oneness. We are all one with every living thing including God Spirit, and Universe. I personally don't believe in religion, I speak of Jesus, not to promote the Jewish or Christian faith, but to teach a clear word of God. 


I don't believe that was a single messiah, God does not send the one to do the work of many. God sends many to do the work of many. Yeshua has stated that that there are 144 billion prophets of God. No, there not all on Earth they are throughout the universe and in many dimensions. 

 What is an ascended master?

To make things clear what is meant by an ascended master? Ascended Masters are a human soul that has gone through many incarnations, learning all the lessons to grow and become one with God. Once a soul has reached that level, they can choose to come back to earth to help mankind in their time of need. They will hold great knowledge; they are old souls and very wise.

I know some might feel calling Yeshia an ascended master, is some type of “put down”. But when he states he was a son of God. He was not referring to himself only. Yeshia was referencing all of humanity is a son or daughter of God. Most of us don't connect to this inner God energy, because we are not awaking and walking in the path of enlightenment.


That we have the real Jesus, who does not follow the teachings of the orthodox church. And does not believe in a religion, he speaks of a oneness or the universal law of oneness. In fact, he is a spiritual teacher and not a religious teacher. I am sure many will be angry that other and myself are teaching a different gospel. I am following my heart a soul and not following ego of humankind. I am here as servant to God and not to man. I am picking up the lead that Buddha and Jesus had gave to humanity so many years ago.

So how do we gain the spiritual growth and development? I have developed a spiritual system to grow people to the light, I call it the 3 pillars of the light. I have personal have grown and continue to grow into the future. Don't forget it is never too late to start. 

FAQ: The Tale of Two Jesuses

1. Why are there two interpretations of Jesus? The distinction arises between the historical figure of Jesus and the portrayal constructed by the Orthodox Church over centuries. The church's version, influenced by political and religious agendas, diverges from other interpretations, such as the Gnostic teachings found in texts like the Nag Hammadi.

2. How does the church impede spiritual enlightenment?

The church often prioritizes its institutional interests over genuine spiritual growth, fostering dependency rather than empowerment. By controlling access to spiritual teachings and discouraging critical inquiry, it perpetuates a cycle of spiritual bondage.

3. Why does the church resist mystical practices?

Mystical practices challenge the church's authority and threaten its hierarchical structure. By dismissing mysticism, magic, and mediums, the church maintains control over religious narratives and discourages individual spiritual exploration.

4. Was Christianity influenced by paganism?

Historically, Christianity absorbed elements of pagan practices, particularly during the reign of Emperor Constantine. Rituals like baptism and the Last Supper have pagan origins, highlighting the syncretic nature of religious traditions.

5. What is the significance of the Gnostic Bible?

The Gnostic Nag Hammadi texts offer alternative perspectives on Jesus and his teachings, potentially closer to the original message. These texts challenge the orthodox narrative and provide insight into diverse early Christian beliefs.

6. Why is spiritual communication essential?

Direct communication with the divine, whether through mediums, psychics, or personal intuition, facilitates spiritual growth and understanding. Restricting access to spiritual knowledge perpetuates ignorance and stifles individual enlightenment.

7. What is the true name of Jesus?

Historical evidence suggests that Jesus' name was likely Yeshua Ben Joseph. Understanding his name in its original context enhances our connection to his teachings and the spiritual essence he embodies.

8. What is the role of ascended masters?

Ascended masters, like Jesus, are enlightened souls who guide humanity toward spiritual awakening. They offer wisdom and support to those seeking enlightenment, transcending religious dogma and cultural barriers.

9. How can individuals embark on a path of spiritual growth?

Embracing spiritual practices like meditation, self-reflection, and connecting with enlightened teachings can facilitate spiritual growth. Cultivating an open heart and mind enables individuals to align with the divine and fulfill their spiritual purpose.

10. What is the 3 Pillars of Light spiritual system?

The 3 Pillars of Light is a framework for spiritual growth and development, emphasizing connection with the divine, self-awareness, and service to others. Through these pillars, individuals can awaken to their true spiritual nature and contribute to the collective evolution of humanity.

Auther: Derek P Bliedung 

Reiki Master & Kabbalist 

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