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Reiki Kabbalah Center Prices & Services

Kabbalah, Law of Attraction, Meditation, Physic & Spirtual Development Coaching: Reiki Kabbalah Center Prices & Services, Power Reiki, Quantum touch energy healing, Reiki, White Light,

Reiki Master Derek P. Bliedung
Springfield Ohio

Reiki Master  Michael L. Wilson
Columbus Ohio

Call for an appointment 614-282-3162 & 614-268-2235 Click here for online booking

In-home service: We will come to your place of business or home in Metropolitan Columbus, Springfield, and Dayton, Ohio.

Our name comes from two great forces: ” Reiki ” and “ Kabbalah “.
The word “Reiki” is made of two Japanese words.
Rei “ which means " The Wisdom of God or the Higher Power " and “ Ki ” which is “ Life – Force ”energy, and “ Kabbalah ” which is a “ mystical science “. It is thought that the “ Tree of Life “ is the most powerful expression of GOD we have access to. It is the very DNA of the human body.

The “ Tree of Life “ can provide powerful healing & spiritual development.
We provide Alternative & Holistic healing with 3 different types of Energy modalities:“ Reiki“,” White Light “ &” Quantum-Touch”. Also including spiritual coaching such as “ “ Meditation “ “ Law of Attraction “” Psychic Development “ “ Mental Mysticism ”” Kabbalah “ God's knowledge and energy are directly accessible.

Quantum-Touch energy healing: one of the most powerful energy healings ( compared to Reiki which is softer and gentler energy ). Great for relieving the pain either physical or emotional. I am also a Reiki master, but my instructor always refers to me as the ” Quantum-Touch guy “ since I am the best she has seen in 20 years of practice.

Reiki is a gentle energy that is very soft and relaxing healing. Many clients need most of the energy in their heads and feet since they are under a great deal of stress and/or thinking a lot at work. They tend to be working many hours on their feet. This is the perfect healing for the deeper state of relaxation and calmness to bring inner peace.

Power Reiki has been developed by one of my spiritual teachers from a vision from God on a trip back from a Quantum-Touch training class. The reason it has been called Power Reiki it can achieve the same results in 1 session where traditional Reiki would need to have taken
6 sessions. It is a golden egg being inserted into all of the 7 chakra points.

White Light is light from the universe. Instead of energy being channeled it is a White Light. White Light is channeled through the crown chakra and then goes through the higher chakras: third eye, throat until it gets to the heart chakra. The healer will send it into the clients through their hands or directly from their own heart chakra. It is often called the "universe's love" or "God's love"

Reiki Kabbalah: a complication of many energy healing elements including Reiki, White Light, Vortexing, Quantum Touch, advanced Quantum-Touch, Color healing, use of words and symbols from both eastern and western sources. Yes, it does have Kabbalah elements. It can be used in or out of the Kabbalah circle. What makes this so special? When I combined 3 words that are commonly used for meditation together something magical happens. I start to vibrate meaning, raising vibration frequency. When I used this on clients they too have raising vibration frequency and are physically vibrating.

Kabbalah: a very old and ancient practice and the most mystical of any of the healings. For Kabbalah to be done, a ritual must be prepared for it. The practitioner and client are not just channeling energy; they are calling on God and Angels to assist them in the healing process. A portal will be opened up to the spiritual universe and the practitioner invites only the being of light into the  Kabbalah circle. There will be burning candles, the lighting of incense, the use of symbols, and speaking in the language of Adam and Eve ( Enoch language or the language of the Angels ).

During the Kabbalah healing practice, Derek P. Bliedung will be calling on God and Angels to do the healing. This is a very powerful connection to the spiritual world. Derek Bliedung doesn’t heal you but you will heal yourself by attending the energy your body needs to heal itself physically, mentally, and spiritually.

The “TREE OF LIFE “ is the most powerful expression of God that we have access to. It is the very DNA of the human body. Learn how to access and control the energies on the Tree of Life to actually change the way your life looks and feels. The “ Kabbalah “ healing activates the tree within you and awakens the creative potential stored within your body. Once connected to your center, you’re vastly more capable of co-creating your world in alignment with the Will of God.

Kabbalah “ healing is good for anyone along any spiritual path, anyone in Kabbalah or who wants the connection with the light. This healing is very heart-centered and penetrates at a core level. It brings you into your true center and connects you with the holy conscious.

You can make an appointment by email or call us at 614-282-3162

Introduction of the “Duo Healing” 2 Reiki Masters healing at the same time and at half the time.

The Reiki Kabbalah Center is offering the Duo Healing in 30, 45, and 60-minute sessions. Each is half the time with two healers. For instance, a client that wants a 60-minute Duo Healing session will get a 30 minutes session with two Reiki masters. The Reiki Kabbalah Center also offers a unique service that involves their Reiki masters coming to your business or home to give you a Reiki healing with an additional $8.00 charge, in Columbus, Springfield, or Dayton Ohio, and surrounding areas. 
30 minutes / $35
45 minutes / $45
60 minutes / $55

Reiki Energy & White Light Healing
30 minutes / $27
45 minutes / $37
60 minutes / $47

Quantum touch technique, Kabbalah healing*, and New Reiki Kabbalah Energy Healing
30 minutes / $37
45 minutes / $47
60 minutes / $57 (*Kabbalah healing" is done 1 hour season only)

In-home training: Meditation, Law of Attraction, Psychic, Spirtual Development Coaching & Reiki including other modality 
30 minutes / $27
45 minutes / $37
60 minutes / $47

In-home service, remote healing (worldwide), and Columbus, Springfield & Dayton Ohio appointments available


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