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Walking in the path of Enlightenment

enlightenment, the light, awakening

We want to start the entire topic by describing what Enlightenment is? So, you could better understand the idea of what we are trying to explain in the below sections.

In general, Enlightenment refers to a word that shows different applications. Surprisingly, there was a period back in the European history of the 1700s when it’s known as the “Age of Enlightenment”, but it shows limited clarifications as compared to current times.

In the old periods it’s characterized by a belief of the power of human reason. 

If we talk about the current times Enlightenment refers to a blissful event that happens with every person to transform the consciousness state. 

It shows the light to every individual where all of the questions of their life get answered. Getting the answers means it helps you to reach the ultimate goal of your life. 

It’s not necessary for every human being to experience it with the hope of lightness, ease, and grace for several days or weeks until getting the awakening experience.

After facing disappointments it brings a feeling for all persons to go back to their conditions they thought they have left behind or dissolved. 

The process of Enlightenment is performed with pure heart and mind intent. The purification enables you to transform yourself from a standing position to the next level up.

The best part of this process is that you can use your immaturity to understand all of the circumstances without any need of other peoples guidance.

What are the benefits of Enlightenment?

The best thing about experiencing Enlightenment in your life comes with Joy, Peace, and Bliss. Another best thing is that it never ends and remains to expand.

After getting the true Enlightenment you will become more calm, cheerful and aware through your mind. Nothing will distract you from being on the fantastic mode of your life.

Having such capabilities in your life will help you to control your anger. It will help you to make more friends and get as much respect as you can.

It provides you with an awakening experience, which will allow you to help and respect other human beings.

It will not only help you with your relationships but you will also perform better in your practical life. It allows you to choose how you want to spend your time on anything, and how you can accomplish anything you take up.

The earth will become your bed, the sky will be your ceiling, and the entire universe will be your workplace. 

It will bring a substantial impact on your life: where you will not need any assistance or help from others. You will never worry about the wealth, and it will free you from all of the life hesitations and tensions that you were feeling before.

It will bring the light in your life, where you will become fully satisfied with all of the belongings you have in the current times. 

If we sum up the entire benefits of Enlightenment it plays an essential role in determining whether you are happy or not happy with your life. 

Enlightenment will change your interpretation of sacred texts:

When you head towards the awakening process of your life you also need to look upon the sacred texts. Pushing yourself to this will allow you to read all of the religious scriptures in your daily life.

Every religious scripture always provides a section where they talk about the experiences that can bring light in your life. 

Trying to indulge yourself in these scriptures for the desired period throughout the day or daily will come up with different tips and tactics to apply.

When you start the practicing of awakening yourself the interpretation of the sacred texts will bring new and more ideal perspectives in your life.

It will help you to follow all of the things that can bring more happiness in your life. It all depends upon your needs and demands that can bring joy to your life.

There are many Christians who innovated an enlightened view with Christian beliefs. It allowed the believers to know the existence of God. It shows that Enlightenment has a profound effect on religion.

Similarly, when you are following the sacred texts of your religion in the enlightenment phase you will also come up with different innovations that could lead you toward better thinking and perspective of your life.

How does one becoming enlightened?

Becoming enlightened may refer differently with every human being due to their needs and demands.

However: doing the entire process of Enlightenment is not an easy task. It insists you to make every day of your life to becoming closer to the enlightenment process.

The first thing you should do in the present is to control what you are eating or drinking because it may be the very first thing in the present that will not allow you to feel better. 

It’s good to avoid negative thoughts or peoples, and spend more time with positive peoples: Make sure to live a moderate life. 
Practicing mindfulness is the second thing that you should consider when you are heading towards an enlightenment life. Think about all the things you are doing, listen to others patiently and actively. 

Shift all of your thoughts to other things happening in the present time or to occur in the future. 

The third best thing you should do is to use your five senses to engage yourself with the surroundings. Your senses are the magnificent medium that helps you to root yourself in the present environment. Analyze all of your senses, and track the one that makes you feel better. 

The fourth thing that will help you to experience Enlightenment in your life is to set 15-20 minutes of time for meditation. It will help you to make your entire day run smoother and easier.

Try to focus on all the re-mindful things that you want to enjoy in your life. Whether its music or any hobby, try to do it in this time duration daily. 

They are many paths to becoming enlightened. But Master Derek Bliedung & Michael Wilson has developed a method that works for him. To bring him into a higher state of conscience or enlightenment, he calls the 3 pillars of the light. And it can work for you too.


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