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 Learn Reiki near me

Learn Reiki near me

Is it possible for anyone to learn Reiki?

Reiki, a type of spiritual healing, is available to everyone, regardless of intellectual capacity or meditation abilities. Contrary to popular belief, learning Reiki does not require years of practice. It is instead passed from a teacher to a student. Once initiated, the student can immediately begin practicing Reiki. As a result, Reiki is simple to learn and practice for anyone.

Reiki is a pure form of healing that does not rely on talent or learned skills. This means that the healer's personality does not interfere with the healing experience. Practitioners feel a direct connection to God's healing power, which brings a sense of love and protection.

What is the point of learning Reiki?

Personal Growth and Healing: Reiki can be used for personal growth and healing. You can take control of your own healing process and reduce stress, anxiety, and other emotional or physical issues by learning Reiki.

Reiki can also be used to help others by healing them. You can share this healing energy with friends, family, and even pets if you learn Reiki.

Reiki can assist you in learning more about yourself and your spiritual path. Reiki practice can strengthen your connection to your intuition and inner wisdom.

Learning Reiki can also connect you with a community of like-minded people who are interested in healing and personal growth.

Overall, learning Reiki can be a transformative and empowering experience, giving you the tools, you need to take control of your own healing and support the healing of others.

How do I go about learning Reiki?

Reiki research: Learn about Reiki and its benefits. Numerous online and print resources can provide information about Reiki and its origins.

Locate a Reiki master: Find a Reiki master who speaks to you. To meet Reiki practitioners and teachers in your area, you might want to attend a Reiki share or workshop.

Remember that learning Reiki is a personal journey, so choose a Reiki master and practice that feels right for you. Anyone can learn Reiki and experience its healing benefits with dedication and practice.

Attend Reiki classes: Enroll in a Reiki class taught by a qualified Reiki master. You will learn about Reiki history, principles, and techniques in this class. Attunements, which are energetic initiations that connect you to the Reiki energy, will also be given to you.

Reiki practice: Use Reiki on yourself and others. This will assist you in developing your skills and increasing your confidence in your ability to work with Reiki energy.

Continue your education by enrolling in additional Reiki classes and workshops to broaden your knowledge and skills. You can also attend Reiki sessions and network with other Reiki practitioners to learn from their experiences.

Remember that learning Reiki is a personal journey, so choose a Reiki master and practice that feels right for you. Anyone can learn Reiki and experience its healing benefits with dedication and practice.
The power of Reiki

What are the three Reiki levels?

Reiki is divided into three levels:

First degree (Shoden): The first level of Reiki focuses on self-healing. Students learn the fundamentals of Reiki, as well as hand positions for self-care and treatment of others, and receive their first attunement.

Second degree (Okuden): Students learn how to perform distant healing and how to work with Reiki symbols at this level. They receive the second attunement and can use Reiki on a more advanced level.

Third degree (Shinpiden): Students learn how to attune others to Reiki and become a Reiki Master at this level, also known as the Master level. They receive their third.

What exactly are the Attunements?

Reiki differs from other healing techniques in that it is not traditionally taught. It is instead transferred from the Reiki Master to the student via a process known as attunement. During the attunement, the Reiki Master opens the student's crown, heart, and palm chakras, creating a one-of-a-kind connection between them and the Reiki source.

Reiki attunement is a life-changing spiritual experience. The Reiki Master channels the attunement energies into the student while guided by the Rei or God-consciousness. The process is tailored to each student's needs and is aided by Reiki guides and other spiritual entities. During the attunement process, many students report receiving personal messages, visions, healings, and past-life experiences.

The attunement can also help to improve psychic sensitivity. Students frequently report an opening of their third eye, increased intuition, and other psychic abilities after receiving a Reiki attunement.

After receiving a Reiki attunement, a student will have Reiki for the rest of their life. Additional attunements of the same level can strengthen and refine the Reiki energy, heal personal issues, and raise one's level of consciousness. The process of attunement may also initiate a cleansing process that affects the physical body, mind, and emotions. As a result, it is advised to cleanse oneself before undergoing an attunement.

How Should I Prepare for an Attunement? 

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To improve the results of the attunement, I recommend a purification process prior to the attunement. This will allow the attunement energies to work more efficiently and benefit you more. While the following steps are optional, you should take them if you feel led to.

Eat no meat, poultry, or fish for three days before the attunement. These foods frequently contain drugs, toxins, and heavy metals that slow down your system and throw it off balance.
Consider a one- to three-day water or juice fast, especially if you are already a vegetarian or have fasting experience.

Reduce or eliminate your consumption of coffee and caffeine-containing beverages. They cause nervous and endocrine system imbalances. On the day of the attunement, avoid caffeine drinks.
No alcohol should be consumed for at least three days prior to the attunement.

Reduce or eliminate the use of sweets and avoid eating chocolate.
If you smoke, try to limit your intake and smoke as little as possible on the day of the attunement.

For at least a week, meditate for an hour a day in a style you are comfortable with, or simply sit in silence.

Reduce or eliminate the amount of time you spend watching television, listening to the radio, and reading newspapers.
Take quiet walks, spend time in nature, and get some exercise.
Pay more attention to subtle impressions and sensations within and around you; ponder their significance.

Bring all of your anger, fear, jealousy, hate, and worry to the light. Make a sacred space for yourself and those around you. Reiki is not a religion; however, you can prepare your mind for higher spiritual energies and experiences by doing intentional work and praying in a religious mode that is comfortable for you.

By receiving an attunement, you will join a community of people who use Reiki to heal themselves and each other, as well as to work together to heal the Earth. Reiki guides and other spiritual beings who are also working towards these goals will assist you. While Reiki is not a religion, you can prepare your mind for higher spiritual energies and experiences by doing intentional work and praying in a religious mode that is comfortable for you.

What sets Central Ohio Reiki and Kabbalah apart from other Reiki practices? 

To start reiki master Derek Bliediung has developed his own style or Reiki called Reiki Kabbalah which is 8 different layers of healing. He also developed his own system of spiritual development called the 3 pillars of the light which he feels is the 4 different stages to achieve spiritual enlightenment. Where reiki is the second stage of this path. 

His training has included reiki, quantum touch. power reiki, Kabbalah, psychic development, law of Attraction and many more. 

He believes these foundation trainings has helped he achieve more in life and as spiritual teacher. 

He looks at reiki and other healing types as a path to something greater than us. He has developed this technique not to become rich or famous, but rather as tools to help others to experience spiritual development or spiritual enlightenment. 

Derek Bliedung has been exposed to very well-educated people starting in high school, going to community college, and later to university. He feels this exposer has made him look at the world differently and he experiences with the spiritual world has further, developed him to look at society more critically. 

He wants to allow like-minded people to experience similar things as he did. To be able to pass on the spiritual teaching on to others. This is not a new concept. These teachings have been tough before just have to look at Budha and Yesua for guidance.  

Humankind either did not understand the teaching or was not ready for them. If you are ready for the truth and want to better understand the Budha and Yesua teaching. Or just want to learn reiki then reach out to us for about our program. 614-282-3162 call, text or us WhatsApp or click here to learn more about prices and services


We have a team of 2 other Reiki masters Michael L. Willson and his wife Norna Wilson. Both reiki masters, crossed trained in other forms of healing, and psychics. 

FAQ: Learn Reiki Near Me

1. Is Reiki accessible to everyone?

Reiki is open to all individuals, irrespective of their intellectual capacity or meditation skills. It's a simple yet profound practice that can be learned by anyone, offering immediate access to its healing benefits.

  • 2. What's the purpose of learning Reiki?

Learning Reiki facilitates personal growth, healing, and an enhanced connection with oneself and others. It empowers individuals to take control of their healing process, reduce stress, and gain insights into their spiritual journey.

3. How do I begin learning Reiki?

  • Start by researching Reiki and locating a Reiki master who resonates with you. Attend Reiki classes to understand its principles and techniques, and undergo attunements to connect with the Reiki energy. Regular practice and further education are key to mastering Reiki.

4. What are the three levels of Reiki?

  • Reiki comprises three levels: First degree (Shoden), focusing on self-healing; Second degree (Okuden), enabling distant healing and symbol work; Third degree (Shinpiden), where students become Reiki Masters and can attune others.

5. What are Reiki attunements?

Reiki attunements are sacred initiations conducted by Reiki Masters to establish a connection between the student and the Reiki energy. This spiritual experience opens the student to the flow of Reiki, enhancing healing abilities and spiritual growth.

6. How should I prepare for a Reiki attunement?

Prioritize purification by abstaining from meat, caffeine, alcohol, and excessive stimuli. Engage in fasting, meditation, and introspection to cleanse the mind, body, and spirit, creating an optimal environment for receiving the attunement.

7. What distinguishes Central Ohio Reiki and Kabbalah?

Central Ohio Reiki and Kabbalah offer a unique approach to Reiki, integrating multiple healing modalities and spiritual teachings. Led by Reiki Master Derek Bliedung, the practice emphasizes spiritual enlightenment and personal transformation, supported by a team of experienced Reiki practitioners committed to empowering others on their healing journey.

Michael Wilson & Derek Bliedung

Reiki Master & Teacher



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