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Law of Attraction – Five simple steps system that can change your life & your bank account - Are you tapping into the newest biggest thing out there to improve your life? If not? I would like to introduce you…

Yes, the law of attraction can be called by some a miracle. It is not a miracle or magic. It is a natural law that you too can tap into to change your life (only if you are ready?).

Let's first test how ready you maybe are? If I told you I can have the life of your dreams how ready are you for that today? Are you really ready to change your life and willing to put in the time and effort that is needed? How much time? As little as 10 minutes a day every day, 365 days per year? If you say you’re too busy right now or too much going on right Now in your life and are not willing to change, come back to me and my teaching when you’re ready. Even I had to be faced with great hardship before I was ready for this knowledge. I was ready for almost anything and extremely open-minded. I had nothing to lose but everything to gain.

This has been called the secret; in fact, this is no secret: it has been within humankind for 5000 years. I have seen this quote in the Bible, and quoted by Jesus, Buddha, and many others. How does this law of attraction work? It is a belief that we all are able to transmit vibrations (only if you place your mind in harmony with what you want). That law of attraction states that like is attracted to like. If you put your mind in vibration for money, the money will come. The same goes for success, love, health, luck. We want to take advantage of abundance and prosperity.

We all know about the power of prayer, what’s about the power of positive affirmations? In physiology, it is called cognitive therapy. That your thought will have a huge impact on your outcomes in life. You’re trying to reprogram your thinking through what is known as auto-suggestion. You will have your subconscious reprogrammed. So that you can become a millionaire, find the perfect love, and have great success in life, or something as simple as a new car.

At this point is where physiology and metaphysics depart. It is believed that you’re subconscious will communicate with the universe to obtain your desires. The universes will help bring your desires to reality. Now that doesn’t mean you don’t have to meet the universe halfway, or it will not work. The universe will send you a signs, to tell you when it is time to take action. It can come to you in any form or the idea just pops into your head just out of thin air. You can see a sign of a name or numbers that seen to always come to you in your life. It can pop up on the internet, TV, radio on your way to work, etc.

The next part is visualizations: you think, feel, and see yourself as a millionaire, or have your dream job, or find the love of your life all in your imagination. Adding emotions to your immigration is a very powerful tool to manifest your dreams.

So what do you need to get started the first step is easy. You need to have belief and an extremely strong desire to make your dreams a reality. You need to want something so badly that you can taste it, feel it and in your mind already have it! How do you believe in something so strongly? You have to soul search to figure that on your own. If you still need help you can use numerology or astrology to help you find your path in life. So follow your dreams not someone ease's dreams. If I tell you can become a millionaire what are you willing to do to reach that goal? Everything has a price and you are going to be able to pay that price? What are 10 minutes a day? In a year that is 60.83 hours! You can pay a little bit every day.

You start with the power of pray, next power of positive affirmations; such as I am healthy, wealthy, successful, and wise 2 times daily. Add your own positive affirmation for your personal goals. Remember they need to be in the present tense. The third part of this exercise is to have imagination, to think as if you’re healthy, successful, wealthy and wise.

The second step: is to have a positive outlook on life. I don’t care how bad your life looks it can only get better, right? If you ever been down or feeling blue think of things that make you positive. Listen to music you enjoy, do activities that you enjoy. You have the power to change your mood and your thinking.

The third step: is to be generous to others meaning giving your time to help others. You can give money to help others as well, or you can give more time to work with your employer as well. This does come from the idea that we can be a reward for helping others by tenfold. So you have to pay the price. Even if it takes years or months to get your repayment back, the universe pays you back with compounded interest. Longer it takes the more interest you will earn.

The fourth step is to be thankful for everything in your life and your family's life, your job, your home, car, pets, I mean everything in your life! Even when you have manifested that you wanted, keep being thankful so more will come to you.

The fifth step: treat and heal your body, mind, and soul. I recommend mediation find one that is right for you such as yoga, transmittal mediation, and the simple mediation of just clearing your mind. This will stop you from stressing, and if you heal your mind you will, in turn, heal your body and soul. It’s also part of your total transformation is to start eating healthy and make sure you do some type of exercise at least 3 times a week. All right this part will take more than 10 minutes. But take this part slowly and over time you will grow and see why I recommend this to you. We have blockages in our body that can prevent us from sending out vibrations to the universe. The use of this step is to clear your body of these blockages and will even increase your vibration and can manifest what you want even faster.

Who am I to teach you about the law of attraction? 3 years ago, I had made some hard financial decisions. I was not able to buy a new car and I was struggling to pay bills. But today I have my life has been realigned. I am working on a job that I like and the money follows. And I know that since I do what I like, the money will come later for the job. I am driving in a luxury car and now have too many cars in fact right now. I don’t have to worry about money any longer; I am going on exotic vacations. 3 years ago this life would be the impossible dream today it is the reality. It is part of my soul mission in life to help others and to become a teacher, counselor, and healer. How do I know this? I have study Numerology it teaches what is my life purpose in life. I also paid hundreds of dollars for group seasons and personal sessions to learn the same information in about 10 minutes. I also have studied the law of attraction, psychic abilities, crystals, Kabbalah, reiki and other forms of energy healing,

Change your thinking and you too can have a better life. You can enjoy and live the impossible dream. You have to start with these steps I have outlined and live the life the universe intended you to live.

If you need help to get started I am willing to coach you. I do offer financial coaching that I use my own teaching even to this date. But the law of attraction was an experiment that had far outperformed my financial strategies. My own strategies were based on proven techniques. But, this would have taken 10 or 20 years to achieve this level of success that the law attraction brought me in 3 years. Some of my dreams have not been manifested as yet. But they are coming!

Note from the author: If you are trying to manifest the love of a specific person there is a blockage known as free will. The universe will not override someone's free will. Money does not have free will, people do. It is not a waste of time for your prayers, positive affirmation, and visualizations because these are spiritual energy and will be stored until that person is ready. It will manifest. We do have soul mates or twin flames out there, that might not be ready for you. But in your heart and soul, you just know. If you’re in this situation I do feel for you. But you have to have faith and believe that the universe may be testing you on your resolve. If it does not come in this lifetime it will come in the next lifetime.

Model 3 Spiritual Elements

Chapter 5

The 3 pillars a system to bring you to the light

The three pillars are a system that I have developed which comes from years of research & practice from Napoleon Hill's teaching of the theory of success. Zig Zealar on his power to motivate mass groups of people and Silver Raven Wolfe on her teachings of the mysticism and metaphysical practices. Each of their teachings is different, but there is a common thread in all of their teachings. I have taken there teaching have analyzed all these masters' teachings and found what if we practiced on all three of what I call the pillars to the light? Would we take something good and turbocharge it into something great!

I have used these three models on myself and found even those I am working in a role that I don't feel is the best fit for myself. I am becoming better and stronger or gain more success in what I am doing. I have been practiced many other forms of success building such as the law of attraction access bars, reading books from the above authors. Yes, it helped but was not the magic built that we all looking for.

What are the 3 pillars to the light? Making you physically stronger, making you mentally stronger and making spiritually stronger. This is the key to bring you to the light and success in anything that you do or want to do in life. Don't forget to follow the teaching of Napoleon Hill one must follow his passion (heart), ones need burring desires (motivation) and have the commitment (never give up until you achieve your goal) to your dreams. I will expand on each of these areas.

  1. The physical: Do some form physical activity (experiences) at least 3 times a week for at least 15 minutes. This is just a minimal amount more is better. Eat healthy food and try to avoid junk food. Make sure you get the sleep your body needs. Our society has overstressed the importance of the physical and under stress the importance of mental and spiritual development. 

  2. The mental/emotional: If you can have some quiet time to envision what you really want. And envision the psychic ability you really want or development mediumship. You can light some candles, play some meditation music, burn some Incense. Do this for 15 minutes or longer a per day. Do positive affirmations such as “The universe gives me everything I need”, “I have the clairvoyant ability ”, “I am medium ability”. "I am healthy, wealthy and wise" You be creative and make your own affirmations or search the internet for some more. 

  3. The spiritual: For some attending a region ceremonial weekly is enough. For others, they have to experience the higher power and are the witness of this God/Creators/Universe/Spirit. Not all of the population is meant to walk in the path of psychic, healer or mystic. For the ones that are brave enough to experience the higher power. This is what you need to do? One will start with mediation, this is the key to opening yourself to the universe. Why do you think so many westerns are driven to the eastern religion? They seem more mystical in what do they do, they mediate! You will have to find the medication that is right for you. Don't be scared try one if you don't like it try another one until you find the one that is right for you. The one I find that is very powerful is call the white light meditation. You envision a ball of white light above you see it going through your crown chakra (top of your head) and continue to go through all your 7 Charkas. (see diagram).

    You envision golden roots coming from your feet going into the ground and going to the center of the earth. Feel the energy coming from the ground and moving up from the ground and moving into your body and going into your heart Charka. Let it come out as a white mist and form a white ball around your body. Spin it in any direction. Say to yourself or out load “I send my excuses healing energy to the universe or to the planet earth to service the higher or greater good”. Have this ball of light keep spindling going faster and faster. They let it exploded and the healing energy leaving your body. Wait a few moments. Next, envision a ball of light forming around your (I like to change the colors of the light each day: red, orange, yellow/gold, green, pink, blue, purple, and white) spin it in different directions until you have 3 balls of light spinning around you in different directions. Try to do this daily. This will heal you and open up any blocked chakras. And ground and protect you all at the same time. You're also improving your Karma by sending out healing energy. When you start walking on the path of metaphysics the comic boggy man (Darkness, Evil, Demons, Devil) does not like you and will want to harm you. Please don't be scared of evil it can't hurt or harm you unless you believe it can. Besides anyone that walks in the light is protected, by the light.

    What if you don't know want you out of life? Pray for assistants, meditate on it, ask your spiritual guides or guardian angel for help. It will come to you. But you have to be open to the signs. The God/Creators/Universe/Spirit has a team that can be dispatched to aid you just have to ask.

The law of attraction is a good tool for opening you're self to the universe. The law of attraction aka “The Secret” is using positive thoughts, doing to others as you want to done to yourself. Treating others with respect and honor. Bring the energy of love, joy, gratitude, happiness, tolerance, etc. Try to remove and eliminate negative thoughts such as hate, anger, jealousy, intolerance, etc. Doing daily affectation, and mediation. Doing all this will start awakening you're from the dream state that we all live in and you may start experiencing the spiritual world.

What else can you do to make the experience more powerful? Like I said the basics are already given. Have a place in your home you can start a holy altar. Place symbols that have meaning to you. The basic candle color is white for God/Creators/Universe/Spirit. The yellow or gold candles will aid you to attract what you want (manifesting). Green candles for healing and good luck. Pink is for love and relationships. Red is the colors of fire and is used for acceleration and one wanting lust and sex.

The basic crystals are clear quartz is for improving energy, so you place it with another crystal or a set of crystals will amplify the energy. If you are looking for a good set to manifest this would be my personal recommendations Aventurine, Carnelian, Yellow Citrine and Clear Quartz. If you would be trying to attract love this would be the set I would recommend Moonstone, Prehnite, Quantum Quattro, Yellow Citrine and Rose Quartz. Don't forget you can still use the clear crystal to amplifier these crystals. Everyone has a different opinion about clearing, charging, and programming crystals. One of the easy ways to use selenite crystals to do the clearing and charging for you. The programming is what do you want the crystal(s) to do for you. It is placing your intentions into the crystal. You can speak to the crystal, you can pray over the crystal. You can envision your intention of leaving your 3rd eye going into the crystal in the form of beam light. You can write what you want on a piece of paper and roll each side of the crystal over the writing.

There is all types of information on candles, crystals, and incense on the web or you're a local metaphysical store. Just reminder it is the not the crystals, candles or incense that do all the work it is you! So, do spend a lot of time or money buying that special candle, crystals or incense. Yes, they help! But some of my most powerful experience was without using the aids. This is the discipline you have to train yourself to do this, if it does not work at first keep trying, it will work.

Let me give you a little more background on myself. I was like most of our society believe but did not really believe. I was blind, was not able to see the higher power of God. One day I received a message in my head when I was working at Chase Mortgage at the Easton location in Columbus Ohio and what was said to me was the farthest thing from my mind at the time. The message was "You're going to start your own religion". I started to burst out in laughter. You got to be kidding me, I will never start my own religion! That will never happen. The Universe had its work cut out. It had to take some that did not believe and bring them to the fold. An intimidating task to say the least. 

The coming years many interesting and strange these started to happen to me. I was home alone and passed a room in my house and out of the corner of my eye noticed a female spirit in the corner. I jumped at least 10 feet, my heart was on the ceiling at that time. Yes, I was very scared of the supernatural at that time of my life.  Months later,  I started t0 see orbs coming through my bedroom window. This can drive someone to say OMG my house is haunted. I let things pass, and next, I was in a very poor financial situation. I was looking for help and came across the law of attraction books on CDs. I did not believe this was going to work. But, it can't hurt. I started to do what the book stated to be more positive, doing my affirmations, doing to others as I wanted to be done to me. I was giving gratitude, doing my meditation, etc. 

What I have experienced felt like something other then I was out there. This lead to reading many more books on the law of attraction, karma, psychic abilities, mediumship, crystals, magic, and healing. I next started to go to classes in areas such as psychic development, healing, and general metaphysics.

Author: Derek P. Bliedung
Reiki Kabbalah Center: Energy Healing and Spiritual Development
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