Long Distance Reiki: What is it & What Should I be Expecting? (2021)


Save time with  Long Distance Reiki healing

Let's face it takes time out of your busy day to make an appointment and to travel to a healing center and lay down for one-hour healing. Yes, it feels great and super relaxing. You are busy and just don't have the time. Reiki Master Derek P. Bliedung of the Reiki Kabbalah Center came up with an idea that might just work for you. A remote Reiki or Reiki Kabbalah energy healing? I am sure you're thinking “how does this work”? What is remote Reiki energy healing and how does Reiki work long distance? 

How does remote healing  work? 

Instead of you coming to see me, we are able to send you healing anywhere in the world! It is believed that we are all connected to each other by spiritual-psychic connection. There is many names for this spiritual Internet. Within the Reiki community it is often called the "Universal life force energy" or Parma, Chi, Ki, or "The Light" in  the Western belief  system. What ever you like to call this energy one thing is for sure, it is powerful and it can heal your body, mind and soul.  

Reiki Master is able to connect spiritually to heal you 

We are able to place intentions for the Reiki healing to be sent to you and only you. The relationship between time and space is not fully understood by science. Even Reiki Master Derek received psychic revelations of an upcoming event approximately a week and a half before the event even happened! He knew that this was technically impossible. But also knew that statistically would also be close to impossible to plan or predict this event with any accuracy, due to the fact there is way too many variables he was not able to predict.  He knew that he must have received a message from a divine source. There are many things in this universe that defies logic or understanding. Simply because science can't explain it does not make it any less real.


 What does a Long Distance Reiki healing feel like?

Now you must be asking how does the remote or distance healing feel like? It is very relaxing and calming. You will get a sense of wellness and inner peace coming over you. Some say it feels like a tingling feeling that comes over them. Some will even get a sebse of hot or cold feeling. One has to be open and  believe that this energy can heal them. A Reiki master with the best intentions can't send the Reiki healing energy to someone If  that person does not want it or believe n it. That Reiki energy will bounce off that person and will go to the closest person that needs it and is willing to revive the healing. This is why reiki practitioner have to ask for permission before sending reiki energy. The only exception is if there a emergency situation or natural disaster. We still need to follow our consciences before sending the Reiki healing.     

Medical studie that show that Long Distance Reiki healing is effective

There have been remote healing studies that show that remote healing has a positive effect on healing the recipient. "However, given that approximately 57% of trials showed a positive treatment effect". Astin J A, Harkness E, Ernst E. The efficacy of 'distant healing': a systematic review of randomized trials. Annals of Internal Medicine 2000.

Like to try a remote Reiki Healing and like more information? 

We now offering remote healing as an alternative treatment to those that want to try Reiki for the first time and those living outside of our service area. Now, distance is no longer a factor. 

Reiki Blast for $10 USD for 5 minutes. It is a  highly powerful blast of Reiki energy delivered in a short time frame. It is ideal if you are feeling a cold or flu coming and just want a little healing to prevent the illness to come full form. Or if you are feeling tired and run down and just need a little healing to keep going.

Reiki Kabbalah is an 8 stage of different energy healing, sent for 15-20 minutes for $25 USD. This idea as shorter treatments. Reiki Kabbalah can have most of the same benefits of a longer treatments. It will depend on the person being healed. If the person is in need of energy, a longer healing would be recommend or multiple healing per week.   

To make an appointment call or text us at 614-282-3162 or book online: Check our mobile service (Columbus, Springfield, and Dayton Ohio). Or in person service at Columbus Ohio Reiki Kabbalah Center.


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