Reiki Kabbalah Center Introduces “Giving Back to The Universe” with Free Reiki

At the Reiki Kabbalah Center, it is our pleasure to introduces “Giving Back to The Universe” where we will begin by giving away 2 free private appointments each month. The lucky winner will have a choice of: 


Free Reiki

  • An in-person private Reiki appointment with Reiki Master Michael L. Wilson for 15 minutes at Reiki Kabbalah Center Columbus Ohio.

  • A remote or distance healing with Master Derek P. Bliedung with his Reiki Kabbalah Energy healing (8 layers of healing approx 15 to 20 minutes)

  • Tarot Card Reading (10 tarot card Celtic cross reading) with Nora O'Donnell Wilson an intuitive psychic

How are the winners selected?

On the first Monday of every month between 6 pm to 9 pm, the first 2 callers will win the “Free Reiki or Free Reiki Near Me” appointment each. If there is no answer please leave a message. Call: Nora O'Donnell Wilson at 614-268-2235.

We know that there is another Reiki business offering free Reiki and does it on a much larger scale. But we feel this leads to unnecessary and unwanted stress. Let's face it's not fun to wait over 30 minutes or even longer to get something for free. We feel our “radio contest system” is an overall better system and leaves a better overall experience on our community.

What is a radio contest?

There are many various things to partake in when it comes to the hobby of ham radio. Radio contesting (also known as radiosport) is a fun activity that practically anybody may participate in. Most radio contests have a fundamental goal of making as many radio connections as possible, which is affected by the contest's scoring mechanism. That is, certain contacts may be worth more points than others, and there are "multipliers" for things like the number of nations and states worked in, among other things. If you like this page please share on Facebook and other social media.


Reiki Kabbalah Center Philosophy:

We are motivated to use Reiki and other abilities not as a way of becoming the next Bill Gates or Warren Buffet. However, we must repair our culture. Money is only a way of subsisting and spreading the word about our purpose to the broader public. Our world is undergoing a major transition in consciousness, and the world may appear to be in turmoil as a result of Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter, as well as everything else going on in the world. Reiki can be the first step in regaining a sense of balance and restoring oneness with the creator in the body, mind, and soul. Please leave a comment on what you think Reiki can help can in our society?

It acts as a "sweetening" or softening of severe decrees, as well as a redemption from any problem, because it is the principal remedy and solution of disease. Practicing Reiki Kabbalah is one of the most effective ways to overturn severe decrees and earn better "mazal" (fortune) for health, livelihood, and overall prosperity. The benefit of this form of healing is that it does not necessarily target a specific problem, but rather includes the full body from head to toe. People who performed this later stated that it helped them solve even more difficult problems.

Start your healing journey now.

Reiki is a fantastic instrument for self-healing and personal empowerment. It gives inner serenity, stability, and a sense of "coming home" for many people. The Reiki course at the Reiki Center is a thorough exploration of the fascinating realm of your inner light.

  • Take control of your recovery, strengthen your immune system, and let go of tension, worry, and fear.

  • Guided meditations and basic therapeutic practices make it simple to start your own healing regimen.

  • Within weeks, you will notice a greater sense of serenity and tranquility. As your practice progresses, you'll begin to feel more "yourself."

  • Take your time going through the extensive materials and videos; this course has no expiration date, so you may review it whenever you like.

Why should you study Reiki at The Reiki Center?

Here in the Reiki Center we will provide numerous innovative and user-friendly techniques by combining the mystical tools of the Kabbalah with energy healing and physical movement. As you study global principles of oneness, healing, and holding opposites in harmony, Energy Healing with the Kabbalah can help you accomplish personal progress. Learn about a new meaning for God's holy name and how to better connect with the Sabbath. Examine the unique interaction that exists between the Shechina (divine feminine), the Kadosh Baruch Hu (divine masculine), and the God-presence that is inside each of us. And we here in Reiki center will help you with taking the next step in your spiritual development. 

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