News Release: Reiki Kabbalah Center Announces New Holistic Healing Member & New Healing Format

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Reiki Kabbalah Center Announces New Holistic Healing Member & New Healing Format

Reiki Kabbalah Center is proud to announce the addition of a new member to their team. Reiki Master Michael L. Wilson is joining Reiki Kabbalah Center as an energy healer. Michael Wilson is a Power Reiki Master and is well trained in Practical Reiki, Power Reiki Quantum Touch, and Chios. He has been trained by Columbus, Ohio area healing grandmaster, in which a number of her students made major contributions to the holistic healing community and have become some of the most renowned healers.


With the addition of Mr. Wilson, The Reiki Kabbalah Center will be offering Duo Healing. This new healing format is for busy people that can’t give an hour or half-hour of their time to do a healing. Reiki Kabbalah Center will have two Reiki masters giving energy at the same time. This is a great opportunity to give twice the healing at half the time. The advantage of the Duo Healing is a healer may not do their best work after 30 minutes of continuous healing. The very fact that Reiki Kabbalah Center has two Reiki masters giving healing together will eliminate the risk of a healer becoming fatigued or suffering a loss of concentration during a session. 
Furthermore, when working with two healers trained in different modalities, they will generate a different frequency. Think of frequencies like a radio in which you turn the dial and each radio station is on a different frequency. There are great benefits to having different modalities being used on the client at a time. The growing trend in holistic healing which is to use many modalities seems to heal the client faster and deeper, compared to a single modality healing.

The Reiki Kabbalah Center is offering the Duo Healing in 30, 45, and 60-minute sessions. Each is half the time with two healers. For instance, a client that wants a 60-minute Duo Healing session will get a 30 minutes session with two Reiki masters. The Reiki Kabbalah Center also offers a unique service which involves their Reiki masters coming to your business or home to give you a Reiki healing with an additional $8.00 charge, in Columbus, Springfield or Dayton Ohio and surrounding areas. 
Reiki Kabbalah Center welcomes Mr. Michael L. Wilson to their team and is looking forward to working with him.

About Reiki Kabbalah Center 
The Reiki Kabbalah Center is an alternative and complementary healing and teaching center based in Springfield and Columbus Ohio.  Offering Energy Healing & Spiritual Growth under the direction of Derek P. Bliedung. Derek Bliedung is a Reiki master and Kabbalah healer with many years of experience in spiritual reiki, quantum touch healing, and Kabbalah healing. 


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