Tried or Fatigued: Learn How to Treat Burn Out?

How to Treat Burn Out
After personal suffering from fatigue (burn out) issues for almost 20 years. Being told by the medical community that is "all in your head". And then going to a therapist and still not curing your illness. Is this still all in my head? My point is the medical community can do some great things, but still, don't know everything. Some times you have to go down the road of alternative and holistic healing. I have been told for years that my blood test is normal. But something is not working perfectly in your body. That is why I was always tired all the time. These alternative healers seem to find issues that the medical community does not seem to see or find. Maybe that is fixing it before it even is broke? 

After my personal experience with holistic healing, I have seen results! Some may say this is not scientifically proven. But the proof is in the pudding. If you feel better and happier that is the proof that this works. Not all Reiki master or holistic healing is created equally. You may have to experiment with different healers and modalities to figure out which one is right for you? 


A trend I am seeing in the industry, healers seem to be using a cross mobility therapy have better results. Why would this be so?  If you use one type of healing your results are limited to that one healing type. If we include things like crystals, sound tones, aromatherapy, and energy healing we have more tools to heal the client deeper and better. 
In my case I suffer from stress related depression and was told by my Natural path & Herbologist, that most  is due to under functioning adrenal gland. I was recommend a product called "Nature's Natural Adapamax" I have to it works wounder. It take time to treat the adrenal gland. But Adapamax does a great job at getting you back to a normal state.  

Burn Out
Other things you can do to treat burn out learn to manage your stress and anxiety. Make sure you eat healthy, get enough sleep and rest. Try Yoga or mediation, or try go to a Reiki master for energy healing that is extremely relaxing & will open your flow of energy and balance your chakras.  Also there is a acupuncture & reflexology is also effect to relax you and to reduce stress and anxiety to reduce the effects of burn out.  

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