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The Secret: 3 Steps to Manifest Your Dream Life with the Law of Attraction

3 Steps to Manifest Your Dream Life with the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction states that our lives are only a reflection of our thoughts. According to the concept, Like attracts Like, we always attract what we think. When we think, our mind sends signals of our thoughts to the universe, which responds with similar signals that act as images that correspond to our thoughts.

The secret defines the universe as Alladin’s genie, who only cares about what you want. When you think about all the things you don't want, the universe responds by sending you similar thoughts. The universe cannot understand "no" and respond directly to your thoughts. The Law of Attraction encourages you to think about what you want.

You should remember that it is your job to get the things you want. How you get the things you want depends on the universe.

Having a Positive mindset

Having a Positive mindset

For things to go your way, you must have a positive attitude and attitude towards life.

You will soon see if you radiate positive energy and attract positivity, instead of thinking about all the reasons why something might not work or the things that could go wrong, think about how you will act when things go well.

3 Rules to Live Life at its Fullest

Everyone has something they want to change or improve in their life. That might work better. It can be safer. Maybe it's love. You may think that it is impossible to change your life. Where do you want to start? Through the principles of the Secret Steps, you will learn how to use the power of your mind to achieve what you want. Through practical steps and guidance on how to shift your emotions and behaviors to a stronger, more positive place, you'll learn how to use the Law of Attraction to create a better life. Behind the Curtain: A Critical Look at the Accuracy of 'The Secret

The foundation of the ‘The Secret’ steps is “The Law of Attraction” - Use your thoughts to attract what you want. Everyone is a creator. The mind is as powerful as a magnet. If you look at your current life, you can trace everything back to a thought or a series of thoughts. Your life is a reflection of your thoughts, which you can use to create your own. Check out Behind the Curtain: A Critical Look at the Accuracy of 'The Secret.


In ‘The Secret’, Ask, Believe, and Receive are the foundations of the Law of Attraction. With the power of your thoughts and the energy it produces, you can get the things you want. Let’s find out how it works!

Most people struggle with the second and third steps of the Ask, Believe Receive process.  In other words, they are very good at ASKING (Aren't we all?!). Sometimes they think they understand it, but most people don't understand it the right way.


Asking for what you want helps you clarify what you want. The Secret’s, ask, believe, and receive, questions won't work if you don't understand it. For the universe to receive clear signals, your mind must be clear. If it is not clear, it will send the input frequencies. If the universe collects mixed frequencies, you get mixed results. Expressing your passions sends a unique and clear signal to the universe. 

Quantum physicists say that we create the universe through attention and awareness. So it doesn't take long to realize that after a while everything we imagine will come true.

Asking is not about wanting something specific. Sometimes a question is an act of finding an answer. If you have a difficult decision and don't know what to think or do, ask.


You have to believe that you will get whatever you have asked for. Asking, Believing, and Receiving are very important. Belief means you know how powerful your thoughts are. Trust and know that when you ask, your answer will come. What you need is out of sight, and the universe is starting to think about showing it. Make sure you believe. The universe itself is a mirror that reflects on your thoughts. So believe that you have what you asked for and will find it when you get it.

One way to increase your confidence and belief is to keep visualizing your goal in as much detail as possible. The more you think about your success, the more you begin to believe it - On a conscious as well as unconscious level. This is possible in the outside world!

But faith works differently. It must be said that winning the Olympics is very difficult and seems impossible. Think about it, If you believe, the universe will believe. If you think your chances of winning that race are slim, those thoughts will come back to you.


The last step in the process is to receive, that is, to go out of your way and finally get what you want! Just asking and believing will not get you the results you are interested in. You have to learn to produce the same feelings you get when you achieve your goal.

Then you can start to actually achieve your goal.

When you feel the joy of receiving, you have activated the receiving frequency, the frequency that brings you all good things.

What would you do if you won the Olympics? Sit still and focus on that thought. You just won. Your life will change. Find the feeling of that moment and store it in your mind. The Law of Attraction has no choice but to reflect those thoughts back to you. The three steps of The Secret can help you change these feelings.

Final Thoughts

The Law of Attraction will do wonders for you if you let it. Practice asking, believing, and receiving every day. Never let your doubts and insecurities get the best of you. Think you can and you can do it. Let the divine source do its work.

It's not magic. But it can bring you amazing miracles that you never thought possible. Stay focused and positive. We all believe and strongly believe that what we want is on its way!


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