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Reiki Classes Price or Cost (reiki training)

Learning Reiki can provide several advantages, including:

how to become a reiki master?

1. Stress Reduction: By calming the nervous system, Reiki can help reduce stress and promote relaxation. learn more about reiki classes.

2. Reiki has been shown to be effective in reducing physical pain caused by a variety of conditions such as headaches, arthritis, and injuries.

3. Emotional Healing: Reiki can aid in the release of emotional blockages and the promotion of emotional healing, resulting in greater emotional balance and well-being.

4. Reiki can help you have more energy and vitality by promoting the flow of energy throughout your body.

5. Reiki can also help you connect with your spiritual self, promoting spiritual growth and development.

Learning Reiki can help you feel more centered, grounded, and connected to yourself and the world around you in general. How many courses are in Reiki?

Practical Reiki 

learning practical reiki

What is practical reiki?  It has been developed by DR. Alice Langholt PHD, after going through a traditional Usui master program she felt it was getting from to the point of what reiki truly is about. And after developed a more practical type of Reiki. 

So, you may ask what is the purpose of Reiki? Its purpose is help us developed a better connection to the spiritual world.  You are channeling energy into your body to heal others.  We believe this energy is Devine. And it is a gift from God. 

 I never meet DR. Langholt, but we did share the same spiritual mentor.

Level 1 

Introduction to the profession

Learning how to channel energy


Learning to heal others

Includes attunements 

Price or cost $199 (4 hours private training)

Level 2 

Advanced healing techniques

Learn how to send remote healing 

Learn how to scan others energy fields 

Learn how to balance Charkra 

Includes attunements

Price or Cost $249 (4 hours private training)

Level 3 

Learn to teach others to become a reiki master 

Includes attunements

Price or Cost $299 (4 hours private training)

Reiki Kabbalah

Reiki Kabbalah training

Reiki Kabbalah has been developed by Reiki master Derek P. Bliedung and bring in 8 different types of healing energy, spiritual healing and mantras. This is a very unique style of healing and since it combinations of other healer it is very powerful healing modality. To learn more about this type of healing click here.

Level 1 

Introduction to self-healing using Reiki Kabbalah techniques includes attunements
Price or cost $149 (3 hours private training) 

Level 2 

Healing other with the Reiki Kabbalah techniques includes attunements.

Price or cost $149 (3 hours private training)

Level 3 

Master Teacher training: To be success at this stage you have to teach a class a level 1 and level 2 class. includes attunements.

Price or cost $299 (6 hours group training)


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