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A Natural Approach to Pain Management With Reiki Healing

A Natural Approach to Pain Management with Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing: A Natural Approach to Pain Management

Natural Pain Management

Acute or chronic pain may have a detrimental impact on many areas of our lives. It can worsen anxiety, impair functioning and movement, raise tension, and make it difficult to get a good night's sleep. Additionally, depression and other mental health conditions can be exacerbated by chronic pain.

Even though many patients find pain medications helpful, they can have unwanted or severe side effects. One reason non-pharmaceutical pain management methods are becoming increasingly well-liked is because of this. One method of pain management that doesn't involve drugs or surgery is Reiki.

What Effect Can Reiki Have on Chronic Pain?

According to the Institute of Medicine, over 100 million Americans experience chronic pain. The condition is a leading cause of disability in the country. Chronic pain is acute pain in any body part that lasts three to six months or longer and may be accompanied by extreme discomfort, stiffness, or soreness.

You might now be asking what initially causes chronic discomfort. Injuries, posture issues, aging, or psychological disorders like stress can all lead to persistent pain. Using Reiki for pain relief can help people manage their pain, tension, and worry. For someone with severe pain, just one Reiki treatment can completely transform their life. However, while it is the initial step towards pain management, one session does not guarantee that you will have pain relief for the rest of your life. Regular Reiki treatments aim to facilitate the free flow of healing energy, which lessens pain and stress while promoting feelings of relaxation and revivification.

Reiki for Natural Pain Management

The use of Reiki for treating chronic pain has grown in popularity. Painkillers are frequently insufficient since the origin of chronic pain is complex and deeply ingrained in emotional and mental disorders. Click here to learn more about natural painkillers. Reiki treatment positively affects the entire body, not just the harmed area. It deals with the underlying issue and begins treating chronic pain there. Reiki practice can treat acute pain by releasing "energy knots" formed by a buildup of stress or a traumatic experience. The body's innate healing energy may again flow freely in the system when these "energy knots" are released. People with crippling pain can obtain healing through Reiki to help with both their physical and mental difficulties.

Reiki for Natural Pain Management
Reiki encourages relaxation, which can ease muscular tension, lower anxiety, and lessen melancholy sensations, promoting healing and relieving chronic pain. When the body's healing energy is not obstructed by undesirable elements like pain, tiredness, and tension, reiki patients can experience more alleviation and a greater sense of balance. A Reiki treatment (performed by a qualified Reiki practitioner) relieves not just the physical discomfort of a section of the body but also any associated emotional, energy, or mental problems. Other underlying disorders can also be addressed with Reiki treatment.

The psychological impact of pain

Pain is more than just a physical ailment. Pain has an emotional component that cannot be disregarded. Additionally, addressing the emotional part of pain can aid in lowering pain perception and raising pain tolerance. "Psychological Aspect of Pain" is the title of an article published in the Annals of Agricultural and Environmental Medicine (AAEM) journal. The scientists found a strong link between pain and suicidal thoughts and between pain and depressive symptoms. They explained that long-term pain sufferers have higher levels of anxiety and depression and that there is a link in which persons with more severe anxiety and depression problems are more likely to develop pain issues.

It can be challenging to determine whether mental health problems like anxiety and depression cause chronic pain or if anxiety and depression cause more incredible pain (or both). But there is a connection. Additionally, studies have shown that treating pain's emotional and mental health aspects can significantly affect how painful people perceive their experience and how tolerant they are to it.

What Are a Few Reiki Treatment Benefits for Chronic Pain?

Natural Pain Management Near Me
Family and integrative medicine specialist Bindiya Gandhi, M.D., medical director of Revive Atlanta MD, claims that the advantages of Reiki might include relaxation, pain reduction, increased mood, better sleep, heightened mental wellness, and more.

Reiki can make patients feel more at ease and relaxed when treating pain by addressing their emotional and physical selves. According to De Sio Garber, Reiki is a practical modality since it is a portable, low-risk intervention that may be used in addition to more conventional methods of pain care.

Are There Any Conditions That Reiki Doesn't Help?

Reiki is not a treatment specifically designed to be used for every sort of pain. "Reiki is an adjunctive treatment," even though no known contraindications exist. So, dealing with the pain and any underlying reasons is crucial. Reiki can be used as a support for other therapies that are often required for severe, acute pain, such as medicine.

Can Reiki Reduce Pain from Neuropathy?

The advantages of Reiki for neuropathy and the nerve damage that can come from diabetes, among other reasons, have not been thoroughly studied for those with painful diabetic neuropathy. Research in the journal Diabetes Therapy compared Reiki, Sham Reiki, and standard medical therapy. Researchers discovered no difference between the groups who got genuine Reiki and sham Reiki after 12 weeks of sessions regarding changes in walking distance or pain perception.

According to Martay, Reiki can occasionally relieve neuropathy pain, albeit the duration of the treatment may vary from person to person. "Often when people try a therapy like Reiki, they have usually gone through a plethora of orthodox medicine, and this may be their last hope," he claims. "I've seen people who this has helped, and they were happy with the incremental benefits," he claims.

Quantum touch the other energy healing that can remove pain

I know the focus of this article is Reiki. I was a Quantum-Touch provider before I was ever trained in Reiki. So, Reiki is a great for healing. But Quantum-Touch is superior for pain management and increasing range of motion. I gave short 10-to-15-minute sessions for people with chronic pain in the lower back. The result was it greatly reduced their pain. Can you imagine if we had more time to heal the whole spine?