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Columbus Harmony: Reiki Healing for Body and Soul

Reiki Healing Columbus Ohio



Reiki, also known as palm healing or hands-on body healing, is a type of treatment in which a practitioner gently rests their hands on or over a patient's body to aid in their healing process, check out Reiki Master Columbus Ohio

The Japanese and Chinese word characters "rei" (spiritual or supernatural) and "ki" are combined to form Reiki (vital energy). One of the fundamental beliefs of individuals who practice Reiki is that this life-force energy may be directed to assist the body's inherent capacity for healing.

In recent years, hospitals and other healthcare facilities have adopted Reiki. Additionally, overlapping results from some of the most reliable scientific research on Reiki point to a potential function for this alternative therapy in easing stress, discomfort, and exhaustion as well as in lowering anxiety.

Reiki Healing in Columbus Ohio

How do reiki and remote conventional treatments work?

You will sit or lie down in your own house, and I will connect with you energetically while maintaining the connection. The healing session will then be explained to you, and all you have to do is notice the energy change. Every customer goes through a personal metamorphosis.

I will contact you after each session with the impressions (visions and feelings) that surfaced throughout the therapy along with suggestions for how to maintain your positive energy.

Depending on availability, the sessions for distance healing can be conducted either during the day or in the evening. If you enjoyed this article, please share it on Instagram or another social media site.  

You can make an appointment by email or call us at 614-282-3162 or chat with us on Whatsapp. Click here for online booking

Spiritual Organs

According to the University of Minnesota's Center for Spirituality & Recovery, the fundamental idea behind Reiki is that disorders are the result of unbalances in the body's vital energy and that resolving these unbalances encourages healing.

This old idea of an unending energy source that may be used for healing is reported to have been "rediscovered [ed]" by Usui. A Reiki master (Usui was the first) may impart this healing ability to others through a procedure known as attunements. The International Center for Reiki Study asserts that a Japanese American woman by the name of Hawayo Takata introduced the art of Reiki to the West in 1937 when she went back to her home state of Hawaii following a protracted time of Reiki training in Japan.

The fingers of the practitioner's hands are in contact with the receiver's body while they are pressed flat against it. The hands may be positioned in more than 20 different ways on either side of the torso. Starting from the top of the head, the positions travel down to the feet. During the session, the receiver often flips over once. Each posture is maintained by the practitioner's hands for a minimum of five minutes to facilitate energy exchange and the healing process. Unlike traditional massage, which involves moving the hands, in each position the hands are held immobile, and both the therapist and the recipient make an effort to maintain an attitude of awareness, openness, and care.

How does the healing work?

Subtle energy healing treatments including Reiki, Shamanic healing, Pranic healing, Crystal healing, Chakra balancing, Integrated Energy Therapy, and others have been practiced by both ancient and modern cultures. The topic of whether energy healing genuinely works is one we frequently ask in the West, where we are raised to place more faith in science than in our personal experiences. The answers we need for our health and welfare, according to cultural programming, are either external to ourselves or need more complexity than is necessary. Here are 8 explanations for why energy healing techniques are effective.

Before beginning healing, we will read your aura to identify any obstructions or restrictions in the passage of energy via your chakra system. Then, using specialized techniques, they'll show you how to focus your energy on removing restricted regions, unhealthy connections and attachments, and obstructions. We will work with you to replenish each chakra and your whole energy field with Divine Love when a region has been cleaned. With my help, we will take you through as much of the work as possible so that you are equipped to continue cleansing your own area in daily life. We will maintain a potent field of Divine Love during the whole session to support all the guided work we want you to complete. Whenever it is necessary, I will also directly aid in cutting tough cords or attachments by Reiki Healing Columbus Ohio.

Frequently Asked Questions about Reiki Healing in Columbus, Ohio

1. What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki, also known as palm healing or hands-on body healing, is a type of treatment where a practitioner gently rests their hands on or over a patient's body to aid in their healing process.

2. How does Reiki Healing work?

During a Reiki session, the practitioner channels life-force energy (known as "ki" or "qi") to the recipient, promoting relaxation, stress reduction, and healing. The energy is directed to areas of the body where it is needed most.

3. How does remote Reiki healing work?

Remote Reiki healing allows the practitioner to connect energetically with the recipient from a distance. The recipient can be anywhere, and the healing energy is sent remotely, providing similar benefits to in-person sessions.

4. What are the potential benefits of Reiki Healing?

Reiki Healing may help ease stress, discomfort, exhaustion, and anxiety. It promotes relaxation, emotional balance, and overall well-being. Some people also experience physical healing and pain relief.

5. How does a Reiki session in Columbus, Ohio, differ from remote sessions?

In-person Reiki sessions involve the practitioner physically placing their hands on the recipient's body, while remote sessions are conducted from a distance. Both types of sessions offer similar benefits and results.

6. What is the history of Reiki Healing?

Reiki originated in Japan in the early 20th century and was brought to the West by Hawayo Takata in 1937. It is based on the concept of channeling universal life-force energy to promote healing and well-being.

7. Are there any spiritual aspects to Reiki Healing?

While Reiki Healing is primarily focused on promoting physical and emotional well-being, some practitioners believe it involves spiritual elements related to energy flow, chakra balancing, and aura cleansing.

8. How can I schedule a Reiki Healing session in Columbus, Ohio?

To schedule a Reiki Healing session in Columbus, Ohio, you can make an appointment by email, phone call, or chat through WhatsApp. Online booking may also be available for added convenience.

9. Are there any specific preparations or requirements for a Reiki Healing session?

There are no specific preparations required for a Reiki Healing session. Simply come with an open mind and willingness to receive the healing energy. Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to relax during the session.

10. Is Reiki Healing suitable for everyone?

Reiki Healing is generally safe and suitable for people of all ages and health conditions. However, it's essential to consult with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns or medical conditions before starting Reiki Healing sessions.

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You can make an appointment by email or call us at 614-282-3162 or chat with us on Whatsapp. Click here for online booking!


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