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Getting the Most Out of Life in the Pandemic

Getting the Most Out of Life in the Pandemic

The pandemic has brought change to all of our lives — some wanted, some not. The best coping technique is to change what we can and accept and deal with what we have no control over. Whether you’re struggling with too much or not enough work, an overabundance of family time, or a craving for more interaction, remind yourself that, whether you asked for it or not, the age of COVID-19 has become a time for transformation. It’s time to consider what are short-term challenges versus long-term realities and create a path forward. The Reiki Kabbalah Center presents a guide that can help you make the most out of life during the pandemic. 

Home and Work Life 

Chances are, your home life today doesn’t look the same as it did a year ago. You may be balancing remote work with childcare or distance learning and trying to manage your time in the most efficient ways possible. If this is still an area of struggle, step back and look for ways to set better boundaries between work and home. Define your work hours (request flexibility from your boss where necessary) and carve out a private, “do not disturb” workspace.  

iMom also recommends delegating tasks to others as appropriate. While remote work and learning is likely a temporary phase for everyone, the skills learned during this time are transferable to the post-pandemic future. According to Mayo Clinic, advocating for yourself, being mindful of time, and asking for help when necessary are all valuable lifelong skills to have. 

Changes in Career Path 

If you’re one of the many people who has seen your hours reduced or your job eliminated, it’s certainly a stressful time, and you may be working gigs or freelance jobs to make ends meet. You may also find along the way that you enjoy the benefits of self-employment — the opportunity to forge your own path, set your own hours, and be your own boss are appealing.  

It might be a good time to think about launching your own business. Over the past year, many people have become COVID-preneurs by using their downtime to finally pursue their dreams of business ownership. However, it’s important to do a little research into the opportunity best suited to your interests and talents. This is also a good time to explore how you wish to register your business. An LLC, for instance, limits some types of liability, has numerous tax advantages, and gives you flexibility in operational functions. Although registering can be costly and time-consuming, you can save money by filing for it yourself or using a formation company like ZenBusiness, which has received very positive reviews from satisfied business owners. Incorporation rules vary from state-to-state, so conduct some research so you know your parameters. 

Managing Your Family 

Families who are cohabiting have, for better or worse, become much closer during the pandemic. While this has been a healthy and positive thing on many levels, it’s not without its challenges in the short-term. Whether you’re managing babies and toddlers, ushering pre-teens through puberty, seeing your empty nest refill with young adults, or helping your parents with age-related issues, we can all agree that it’s a lot to manage.  

Enjoy the elements of this time when you can and consider it an unprecedented opportunity for family bonding. While it’s critical to establish boundaries and respect privacy, this is a short-term issue that will one day diminish, and we might all be surprised about how much we miss it when it’s gone. 

Health and Wellness 

If there’s one thing we’ve all learned during the pandemic, it’s that while binge-watching movies and eating comfort food is all well and good in the short-term, it’s not the best recipe for living your healthiest and best life. Long-term, you need to start thinking about getting back to a regular exercise routine and eating a well-balanced diet 

Emotional and mental health has also been a challenge to maintain during the past year. If you aren’t already taking time for guided meditation, relaxation breathing, or other self-care measures, now’s the time to get started. If you have any concerns about your overall health, don’t wait — reach out to your primary healthcare provider right away. 

The COVID-19 pandemic will long be remembered for its chaotic uncertainty, but it may also be remembered as a time when people embraced change in a way we’ve never seen before. Focus on what you can control, let go of what you can’t, and make the most of your pandemic lemons. 

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