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Reiki Master Columbus Ohio

Reiki, which translates to "Universal Life Force Energy," is the name given to the life-giving energy that is in all people. Reiki can best be understood by thinking of it as our "experienced sensation of being alive." The hands of the therapist or patient are placed on various parts of the patient's body during reiki therapy to encourage relaxation and a sensation of serenity. Reiki has medical origins in both Japanese and Chinese traditional medicine. Reiki therapy has been more prevalent in healthcare settings since the early 1990s. Reiki is used as a supplemental therapy in over 900 institutions and healthcare systems across the United States. Reiki is safe to use alongside chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and other drugs used in the medical treatment of cancer since it poses no risk to patients in any manner. Psychotronics is an interdisciplinary discipline that examines the interplay between matter, energy, and consciousness, according to the United State

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