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Reiki Masters Offer Special Per Minute Price of At-Home Reiki healing

Reiki Masters Offer Special Per Minute Price of At-Home Reiki healing.
Reiki Master and the Founder of Reiki Kabbalah Center, Derek P. Bliedung recently announced that the center will be offering special per minute price of at-home Reiki healing session that is designed to help his clients improve their wellbeing through the healing powers of the energy of the universe. Bliedung offers Reiki, Quantum Touch Energy and Kabbalah Healing that heals the body and soul.

As the benefits of alternative methods of healing become more evident to a wider audience, more and more people are eager to learn and experience Reiki benefits for themselves.  Bliedung is certain that offering a special price and the convenience of at-home Reiki healing sessions will encourage more people to incorporate energy healing into their lives. The Reiki Kabbalah Center inspires Energy Healing & Spiritual Growth through education, experiences and easy accessibility.

Talking about the vision behind Reiki Kabbalah…

Metaphysical Classes: Engery Healing, Psychic Development and Much More

A safe place for discovery and enrichment of intuition and psychic abilities. As well energy healing (reiki) of all modalities practiced and taught. Assisting in defining your soul’s calling. Angels and beings of Light employed.

Offering private or group training & support through
-amazingly powerful energy sessions (reiki and beyond)
-illuminated, outside the box thinking/approach to whatever your situation may be
-direction & finding, jump starting, honing & developing your 3rd eye
For more info :   MeetUpInfo       or contact us  614 450 2041 (Diane) ______________________________________________________________
Live in Columbus Ohio or
connecting & working with you globally in our virtual (computer) class room
Meet twice monthly for instruction, networking & support of …

You Can Find Energy And Spiritual Growth At The Reiki Kabbalah Center

You Can Find Energy And Spiritual Growth At The Reiki Kabbalah Center
Reiki Kabbalah Center is Primer place for alternative and energy healing. They are Reiki practitioners that are able to make your life more enjoyable and happy.
Reiki is widely known as a technique that aids the body in releasing stress and tension by creating deep relaxation. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means "the Wisdom of God or the Higher Power" and Ki which is means 'life force energy.
Reiki is a soft genital energy that is very soft and relaxing healing. Many of Reiki Kabbalah Center’s clients need the most of the energy in their heads and feet. Since they are under a great deal of stress and or thinking a much at work, they tend to be working many hours on their feet. This is the perfect healing for a deeper state of relaxation and clamminess to bring inner peace.
The negative thoughts and feelings we have most times attach themselves to the energy field and cause a disr…

Reiki Kabbalah Center Services & Rates

Reiki Masters Derek Bliedung & Michael Wilson  Springfield OH 614-282-3162
Our name comes from two great forces: ” Reiki ” and “ Kabbalah “. The word “Reiki” is made of two Japanese words. ” Rei “ which means " The Wisdom of God or the Higher Power " and “ Ki ” which is “ Life – Force ”energy, and “ Kabbalah ” which is a “ mystical science “. It is thought that the “ Tree of Life “ is the most powerful expression of GOD we have access to. It is the very DNA of the human body.
The “ Tree of Life “ can provide powerful healing & spiritual development. We provide Alternative & Holistic healing with 3 different types of Energy modalities:“ Reiki“,” White Light “ &” Quantum Touch”. Also including spiritual coaching such as “ “ Meditation “ “ Law of Attraction “” Psychic Development “ “ Mental Mysticism ”” Kabbalah “ God's knowledge and energy are directly accessible.
Quantum Touch energy healing: one of the most powerful of energy healings ( compared to Rei…