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Managing Mental & Joints Health with Herbs and Spiritual Healing

I have treated my own mild mental & joint health with herbs and spirituality. Even today with the raging of COVID-19 crisis ongoing. I keep calm and stress free. In may ways this is a minor miracle. I used to stress over almost everything and today I am very calm and carefree. I have not told you what I do professionally. I work in a call center, where customers stress-out and have nervous breakdowns (If things don't go 120% their way)! Let me tell you this is very with challenging dealing with your own mental health issues in this situation. You don't only have to treat and manage your own mental health, you have to treat and manage the customers mental health as well. Talking about a double whammy! The call center environment is not a happy place for me and many others. Who wants to to deal with upset people all day long? Customer being Customer some times will make unreasonable requests. As if we have the power to override the system or policy! This leads to high …
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Do “Abrahamic” Religions have Spiritual Teachings within the Torah, Bible & Quran?

As an “awakened” spiritualist I feel that I am more like Abraham and his sons then different. I have recently received messages from: “GOD”, ascended beings, Gaia, angels (including archangels), spiritual guides, and ancestors. I've always wondered why it was all right for Abraham, Moses, Solomon, Jesus, and Muhammadto speak to “GOD” and Spirits: but as soon as I attempted to copy my spiritual forefathers I am labeled as an “occultist” or a “witch”? Is it just me: how does this make any sense? This sounds pretty ridiculous: but doesn't it seem that “Abrahamic” religions should follow the teachings of Abraham? And if they did follow the teachings then why don't “Abrahamic” religions teach their followers to speak to “GOD”, angels, and spirits?
Is it “wrong” that a simple person (like myself) speak about the “mighty church”? To me the church (and its sister organizations) are speaking from “ego” (the “Ego” in the spiritual community is the darkness or the “mark of the beast”…

Reiki Kabbalah Center Offering Energy Healing During COVID-19

Reiki Kabbalah Center is wishing everyone is safe and healthy during this time of need.
Many alternative healing centers are closed due to COVID-19. But Reiki Kabbalah Center is still open and offering remote or distance healings such as Reiki, Quantum Touch technique, and White light. We simply don't know if any of these healings will have a direct or indirect effect on COVID-19.
But what we do know is these healings can lower stress, improve the immunity, release both physical and emotional pain, balance out the chakras, and improve our mind, body, and spirit connections.
We are offering with 10 days of 10 minutes with healing of your choice of Reiki, Quantum Touch technique, and White light or all 3 three for $100.00 performed by Reiki Master Michael L. Wilson or Derek P. Bliedung.
We are offering 20 days of 10 minutes with healing of your choice of Reiki, Quantum Touch technique, and White light or all 3 three for $170.00 performed by Reiki Master Michael L. Wilson or Derek P.…

Walking in the path of Enlightenment

We want to start the entire topic by describing what Enlightenment is? So, you could better understand the idea of what we are trying to explain in the below sections.
In general, Enlightenment refers to a word that shows different applications. Surprisingly, there was a period back in the European history of the 1700s when it’s known as the “Age of Enlightenment”, but it shows limited clarifications as compared to current times.
In the old periods it’s characterized by a belief of the power of human reason. 
If we talk about the current times Enlightenment refers to a blissful event that happens with every person to transform the consciousness state. 
It shows the light to every individual where all of the questions of their life get answered. Getting the answers means it helps you to reach the ultimate goal of your life. 
It’s not necessary for every human being to experience it with the hope of lightness, ease, and grace for several days or weeks until getting the awakening experience.

Channeling The Ascended Master Yeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus)

The REIKI KABBALAH CENTER presents the video series by Pamela Aaralyn (psychic, medium, + channeler) on the messages from “Channeling The Ascended Master Yeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus)”
I came across these videos when my spiritual teacher told the class that you can find channelings of Jesus and others online. I knew I would have to take a peek at YouTube and see what I can find. I still wonder if my spiritual teacher received a message from some angels to tell that to the class? These videos have motivated me to write 2 papers on the subject (and almost done)! If you don't know me (or my stories) I was told these things  about 10 years ago telepathically from spirit. I broke out in laughter! I did not believe it (at the time I was not either spiritual or religious). I have been prompted to grow spiritually and open myself up to the light of God. I do plan to explain my beliefs and broadcast them to the world: in the meantime please enjoy the teachings of “true” Jesus. I will warn you…

Have you heard of Alternative Or Holistic healing?

Have you heard of Alternative Or Holistic healing?
Have you heard of Alternative Or Holistic healing?
Are you wondering, What Is It or How Does It Work? Is it right for me? We are the Reiki Kabbalah Center Offering 4 different types of energy healing: Reiki, Quantum Touch, ReikiKabbalah And White Light. These types of energy healing modalities can improve your well-being and actuate your bodies own natural healing abilities. These can reduce or eliminate pain Without the use of over - the - counter or prescription drugs. We can come to your business (or residence) in Columbus, Dayton, or Springfield Ohio and surrounding areas. We can send healing remotely to anywhere in the country or world. Find out today why reiki is growing in popularity! Book your appointment today on Facebook or Our Website or call 614-282-3162

News Release: Reiki Kabbalah Center Announces New Holistic Healing Member & New Healing Format

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Reiki Kabbalah Center Announces New Holistic Healing Member & New Healing Format
Reiki Kabbalah Center is proud to announce the addition of a new member to their team. Reiki Master Michael L. Wilson is joining Reiki Kabbalah Center as an energy healer.Michael Wilson is a Power Reiki Master and is well trained in Practical Reiki, Power Reiki Quantum Touch, and Chios. He has been trained by Columbus, Ohio area healing grandmaster, in which a number of her students made major contributions to the holistic healing community and have become some of the most renowned healers.
With the addition of Mr. Wilson, The Reiki Kabbalah Center will be offering Duo Healing. This new healing format is for busy people that can’t give an hour or half-hour of their time to do a healing. Reiki Kabbalah Center will have two Reiki masters giving e…