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What is the importance of Plant-Based, ECO Friendly & Green Living?

  What is the importance of Plant-Based, ECO Friendly & ECO Friendly ? Green plants provide natural cooling. Leaves block the heating effect of the sun. Green plants can also cool through transpiration, although without large numbers of trees and other plants this effect is minimal. Transpiration is the process by which water evaporates from plant pores, cooling the environment via evaporative cooling. Evaporation consumes heat and is most effective for cooling when the humidity is low. Plants also stabilize the soil through their roots, which bind soils, and through their leaves, which keep raindrops from eroding soils. Areas without adequate vegetative cover often suffer from large quantities of sediment washing into streams and lakes, diminishing water quality. Green plants are not just important to the human environment; they form the basis for the sustainability and long-term health of environmental systems. Green plants remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and generat
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Holiday Special: 2 hours of Reiki & 1 hour of tarot cards reading for $100 (upto 4 people)

  A total of 2 hours of  Reiki energy healing up to 4 people (30 minutes each) and total of 1 hours of tarot cards reading (15 minutes each). Or A total of 2 hours of Reiki energy healing up to 4 people (30 minutes each)  for $65.00. All parties must be wearing a PPE. We will travel to your place of business or home to preform the service. We service in Columbus, Dayton and Springfield, Ohio areas. Call or Text us today at 614-282-3162. Offer will expire on 02/28/2020.

Surviving The “ Call Center ” Managing Stressful Work Environments with herbs, Alternative Holistic Medicine & Spirituality

Follow my blog with Bloglovin   Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels   What is it like working at a “ Call Center "? Have you ever noticed that “ call centers ” always seem to have employment openings? If you have never worked in one of these “centers” you might ask “ why “ ? I say it can be one of the most undesirable employment opportunities in western civilization ( as someone that has done call center work for most of my adult life ). It can be very monotonous and very frustrating at times! Customers can (and do ) act very primitive, unreasonable, irrational, and illogical ( I believe you get the idea ) ! It's no fun dealing with someone that acts this way ! On the other hand: you have other customers that are patient, reasonable and nice. Unfortunately we seem to forget about the “ positive ” customers. I've worked at many “ call centers “over the years and “not all call centers are created equally”. In one of my past employers: I received an IM b

Helping all of us living greener, cleaner, healthier, and lives without toxic chemicals

  Green Living with Rene is a private Facebook group is currently open to new members. Helping all of us living greener, cleaner, healthier and lives without toxic chemicals. Rene has search the internet high and low to find products that meet her highest standards for Eco friendly and budget friendly. Rene has presented product reviews for all natural cosmetics and skin care (men and woman), Nutritional products (vitamins, supplements, and healthy snacks), and a full line of plant based cleaning products Wellness Club.  

Why does our society follows the blind false prophet?

I started the “ awakening” process approximately from 2009 to 2011. I embraced the path to enlightenment very seriously in my quest for knowledge and understanding. Our UN-awakened society has been a very sore spot for me ever since I was released to the truth of the existence of the higher power or spiritual universe. I too was once like our society: full of anger and negativity. I had to learn to embrace the love (and light) of GOD and shed myself of the anger and negativity (an ongoing process). I bit my own tongue many times so as not to speak out. I feel now is the time to speak out! Unlike society: I will not “burn the city down” or have an active protest in the streets. I am a “quiet revolutionary”. I have some of the most powerful tools in the history of man. Yes: we have internet and social media. We don't need to protest in the streets in this day and age. For me: the issue is that people of our society are so unbalanced physically : mentally: emotionally

Managing Mental & Joints Health with Herbs and Spiritual Healing

I have treated my own mild mental & joint health with herbs and spirituality. Even today with the raging of COVID-19 crisis ongoing. I keep calm and stress free. In may ways this is a minor miracle. I used to stress over almost everything and today I am very calm and carefree. I have not told you what I do professionally. I work in a call center, where customers stress-out and have nervous breakdowns (If things don't go 120% their way)! Let me tell you this is very with challenging dealing with your own mental health issues in this situation. You don't only have to treat and manage your own mental health, you have to treat and manage the customers mental health as well. Talking about a double whammy! The call center environment is not a happy place for me and many others. Who wants to to deal with upset people all day long? Customer being Customer some times will make unreasonable requests. As if we have the power to override the system or policy! This leads to hi

Do “Abrahamic” Religions have Spiritual Teachings within the Torah, Bible & Quran?

  As an “awakened” spiritualist I feel that I am more like Abraham and his sons then different. I have recently received messages from: “GOD”, ascended beings, Gaia, angels (including archangels), spiritual guides, and ancestors. I've always wondered why it was all right for Abraham, Moses, Solomon, Jesus, and Muhammad to speak to “GOD” and Spirits: but as soon as I attempted to copy my spiritual forefathers I am labeled as an “occultist” or a “witch”? Is it just me: how does this make any sense? This sounds pretty ridiculous: but doesn't it seem that “Abrahamic” religions should follow the teachings of Abraham ? And if they did follow the teachings then why don't “Abrahamic” religions teach their followers to speak to “GOD”, angels, and spirits? Is it “wrong” that a simple person (like myself) speak about the “mighty church”? To me the church (and its sister organizations) are speaking from “ego” (the “Ego” in the spiritual community is the darkness or the