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News Relase Derek Bliedung Offers Effective Kabbalah Healing

Derek Bliedung Offers Effective Kabbalah Healing

For Immediate Release
Media Contact
Name: Derek Bliedung
Business Name: Reiki Kabbalah Centre

Derek P. Bliedung offers Kabbalah Healing that heals your body and soul. The Kabbalah healing infuses the power of love into your being which is the ultimate power of the universe.

Kabbalah is a very old and ancient practice and the most mystical of any of the healings. For Kabbalah to be done, a ritual must be prepared for it. The practitioner and client are not just channeling energy; they are calling on God and Angels to assist them in the healing process. A portal will be opened up to the spiritual universe and the practitioner invites the only being of light into the circle's Kabbalah. There will be burning candles, the lighting of the intense, use of symbols, and speaking in a language of Adam and Eve (Enochian language or the language of the Angels)

During the Kabbalah healing practice, Derek P. Bliedung will…